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What You Need to Know about Martin City, Missouri

Martin City is a 300+-acre Community Improvement District established in 2005 with 75+ businesses within our boundaries that generate $50M dollars in sales tax revenue annually.  MC-CID’s mission is to serve as an economic development tool that allows landowners in the district to coordinate efforts to improve the area.

Many think Martin City is its own municipality but we are actually part of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, having been annexed in 1963.  MC-CID is governed by a Board of Directors made up of 7 property owners representing local businesses serving 4-year terms. The Board meets the second Thursday monthly at Jess & Jim’s Steakhouse. The meetings run from 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. and are open to the public.

Annual revenue streams come from a small property tax of $150 on each parcel($22,000) and a retail sales tax assessment ($.005) that brings in approximately $240,000.

MC-CID current and future activities include:

*Actively promoting the 80+ businesses in the district

*Construction of a one-mile stretch along 135th St. from Holmes Road to Hwy. 150 which includes upgrading the road from a 2-lane street to 3 lanes, plus the addition of curbs, gutters, an enclosed drainage system, geometric improvements at major intersections, traffic signal modifications, traffic signal installation, new streetlights, sidewalks and 55 new parallel parking spaces. This is a $6,000,000 project.  Phase I and Phase I construction from Holmes Road to Wornall Road has been completed and Phase III are awaiting construction funds.

*Real Estate: Actively seeking new businesses to fill the vacant locations such as the former Sutherland’s Lumber and Commerce Bank Branch buildings as well as choice pieces of vacant properties on Holmes Road and 135th St. where new development can occur.

*Hosting events such as the St. Patrick’s Parade (est. 1987) with over 20,000 parade attendees, Whiskey Run 5K,  and the Holiday Lighting Ceremony in November, as well as supporting other events in Martin City.

*Signage: Constructing and maintaining Martin City signature signage at primary entry points into the district.

*Holiday Lighting: Martin City is decorated from Nov. – Jan. along 135th St. /Washington Street/Holmes Road as well as seasonal decorative light pole banners.

*Social Media: Maintaining an active and informative district Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ pages

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