Security Program Available for Businesses and Property Owners in Martin City!

Security Program Available for Businesses and Property Owners in Martin City!

The Martin City Community Improvement District (MCCID) contracts security services to patrol within our boundaries between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM daily. During those hours, the security officer observes suspicious activities from the street and, when necessary, contacts the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department for assistance.

The security program includes two levels of service and is ONLY available to businesses and property owners within the Martin City Community Improvement District boundaries.

BASIC SERVICE: Includes 6-7 district circulations per evening between the hours of 10:00 PM – 6:00 AM daily, viewing properties and suspicious activities from the street. When needed, Orion may also contact the Kansas City, Missouri, Police/Fire Departments for immediate assistance. Please check your business each night before leaving; secure all doors and gates; ensure your property is adequately lit. If you plan a nighttime activity that is not typical for your property, PLEASE ALERT ORION SECURITY in advance.

ENHANCED SERVICE: Orion Security will patrol through parking lots and around the exterior of the enrolled building(s), subject to fencing or locked gates. Should the Orion Security Officer observe suspicious activity, the Officer will get out of their vehicle to investigate and contact Orion Dispatch requesting notification to the property representative. An annual fee is assessed for each enrolled property. For owners with multiple properties in the District, a separate fee will be assessed for each property enrolled in the Enhanced Service Program.

Enhanced Service also includes the option to coordinate monitored security alarm calls with Orion Security. Similar to other programs and law enforcement policies, excessive false alarms diminish the capacity of the security officers. Property owners are encouraged to maintain security systems and address the root causes of false alarms. After three false alarms in the same fiscal year, you may be assessed $25 per call thereafter.

In recent years, the District has grown and become an even more popular destination for employment, dining, and entertainment. This growth has precipitated an evaluation of the current security program to ensure the service can adequately monitor the entire District to maintain an inviting and safe environment.

A steering committee is currently evaluating security needs across the District and will make a recommendation(s) for the services included in the program moving forward. MCCID businesses and property owners will receive information on that recommendation(s) along with opportunities to enroll in or withdraw from any fee-based services prior to changes being implemented.

If your business or property is within the MCCID boundaries and you are interested in joining or renewing your enrollment in the security program, please return a copy of the enrollment form for your property or properties and remit payment for those in the Enhanced Security Program by February 23, 2018. Please note, the renewal/enrollment form reflects a prorated fee schedule for the Enhanced Security Program for services through the end of the fiscal year (April 30, 2018).

Please complete one form for EACH property you control, paying particular attention to contact information that may be used to reach a responsible party outside of business hours. Retain a copy of the contact sheet at your office for reference and return one copy to the CID by email, mail, or hand-delivery.

The MCCID security program is ONLY available to businesses and property owners in the District. Construction sites may be enrolled in the Enhanced Security Program, however, the security officer may limit patrols on the property based on site conditions. Additionally, if an active construction site is enrolled in the Enhanced Security Program, you may designate a contractor responsible for the site as the after-hours contact(s). Please remember to update the property records when the project is complete and permanent contacts are assigned.

Click Here to Download the Security Enrollment Form

If you have questions about the security program, please contact the Martin City CID Executive Director at