Veterans Are Being Cared For In Martin City!

Veterans Are Being Cared For In Martin City!

When we first walked into Loving Arms Adult Day Care, located at 13856 Wyandotte St. in Martin City, an elderly man was giving out free haircuts to fellow seniors, which is nothing out of the ordinary.

“He says he wants his men to look good,” says owner Debbie Hartsell––referring to the man with the shears in the corner.

Loving Arms is a Christian based Adult Day Care Center in Martin City. Their goal is to assist families and caregivers who need assistance with a loved one while they are at work, running errands or just need a break. The facility, which opened in 2010, will be celebrating its five-year anniversary on September 3rd. They currently have 36 senior citizens on their roster. Of the 37 seniors, 77% are male veterans. Because of this, Hartsell says there is “huge comradery between the people here…we really are like a family.”


Every day, Loving Arms picks up the clients by van or bus from all over the Kansas City area. Not all of them arrive at the same time, so the day starts with “Coffee Club.”

“Coffee Club is basically everyone gathering around, socializing and drinking coffee when we first arrive in the morning. Everyone is incredibly close here, so every morning they want to catch up on each other’s lives,” said Hartsell.

After Coffee Club, it’s time for breakfast ––and, all the food is cooked on-site. Since the majority of clients are veterans, breakfast is followed by the pledge of allegiance. Next, Loving Arms staff members lead a group exercise program.


“We don’t let our clients sit around and watch TV all day…it’s very important for them to stay active and healthy,” said Hartsell. On that note…the clients are allowed to watch one TV show every morning. Preferred show: The Price is Right.

One big perk Loving Arms offers its seniors is regular entertainment, which happens 2-3 days a week. On the day we visited, the entertainment of the day was a cowboy singing country songs. A wide variety of acts circulates every few weeks, with gigs including live music performances, magicians, clowns and even a belly dancer.


“The belly dancer is quite popular here with the men,” Hartsell is quick to laugh out loud!

It’s definitely clear, giving these seniors a regular, active schedule is something Loving Arms takes a lot of pride in.

“We aren’t a nursing home…and we don’t want to be,” says Hartsell. “Due to the mental and physical state of many of our seniors, we realize how important it is for them to keep a consistent, healthy and active routine. We don’t want them to sit in a chair all day. We must encourage them to move.”

While adult day care can be a great resource, many refuse to consider this option. It’s important to know an adult daycare can improve the care recipient’s overall behavior and provide the caregiver with much-needed time off. And we are lucky to have this resource right here in our own backyard!

More Info About Loving Arms Adult Daycare:

  • Professional, qualified staff with 2 nurses and 4 CNA’s on staff
  • Staff are Alzheimer’s certified and Parkinson’s trained
  • Medication Supervision, Blood Pressure, and Glucose monitoring
  • Quiet Country setting, Homelike atmosphere
  • Nutritional Home cooked meals, Dr. ordered diets as needed
  • Scheduled daily activities, including weekly live entertainment
  • Computer center, Game area featuring slot machine, air hockey, foosball table, basketball, card table
  • Help with activities of daily living with dignity
  • Specialize in caring for retired Veterans
  • Accept VA, private pay, LTC insurance, and Mo. Medicaid

Please visit Loving Arms Adult Day Care’s website, or contact Debbie Hartsell at (816) 289-5671 for details and questions.

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