August 7th Primary: What’s on the KCMO Ballot?

August 7th Primary: What’s on the KCMO Ballot?


Does Missouri want to prohibit as a condition of employment the forced membership in a labor organization (union) or forced payments of dues in full or pro-rata (fair-share); make any activity which violates employees’ rights illegal and ineffective; allow legal remedies for anyone injured as a result of another person violating or threatening to violate employees’ rights?

This would not apply to union agreements entered into before the effective date of the new law. State and local government entities expect no costs or savings.



Shall the City of Kansas City create a residential rental inspection program to protect the public health, safety and welfare in residential rental property units by enacting and enforcing minimum health and safety standards and be authorized to establish the following fees to be paid by the rental owner or owner’s agent for permitting, inspecting and regulating residential rental property units?

Application/Annual Permit Review Fees. A fee of twenty ($20.00) dollars for each rental property due at time of submission of the initial application for the permit and fee of twenty ($20.00) dollars per rental unit due annually.

Re-inspection Fees. A re-inspection fee of $150.00 assessed for the re-inspection of the first rental unit. A $100 re-inspection fee assessed at the time of the re-inspection for every additional unit requiring re-inspection.

Reinstatement Fee of $300.00 for the reinstatement of any permits that have been suspended.

A Late Fee equal to 10 percent of the amount due per month for fees not paid when due. Adjustment of Fees. Authority to adjust the above-listed fees annually to reflect the change in the consumer price index (CPI) for all items/all urban consumers/Kansas City, Missouri-Kansas, published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. The City is also authorized to make cumulative adjustments for those years in which fees were not previously adjusted.



August Primary Election – Tuesday, August 7, 2018

November General Election – Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Voters must be registered by October 10, 2018!  Absentee voting begins September 25, 2018.

Missouri Election law does not allow early voting but does allow “absentee” voting for specific reasons. Please visit the Jackson County Election Board’s website for more information about voting absentee.

In the week prior to each election, postcards will be mailed to all registered voters in the precincts with issues on the ballot with the name and address of your polling location. Polls are open from 6:00am to 7:00pm.

Employers must grant employees up to three hours paid leave to vote unless polls are open three consecutive hours before or after their regular working shift. Employees must request this time prior to Election Day, and employers may specify when during the work day employees may take time off.

View the full list of candidates and issues on Missouri’s August 7th ballot