Martin City Sports Complex is Getting a New Name… and a Facelift!

Martin City Sports Complex is Getting a New Name… and a Facelift!

For years, Mark and Robin Nigro operated the Martin City Sports Complex and Robin Nigro Golf Academy and built them into a business Martin City can be proud of. Now, the businesses are being passed to new ownership and the facility will soon receive a nice facelift and a new name: The Martin City Golf Center.

Mark recently approached local golf professionals, John Richman and Rob Wilkin, about purchasing the businesses and leasing the property. The duo jumped at the opportunity and have exciting plans for the future of the facility. John is a two time Teacher of the Year and Past President of the Midwest Section PGA and Rob is a multiple Player of the Year award winner in the Section and also a former Midwest Section President. The two know golf.


“Mark and Robin have done an awesome job here, and we want to build on that and take the business to the next level,” said Richman. “Our goal is to create a top-notch teaching and learning golf academy where people can come to get better.”

The new name isn’t the only big change planned. The building will undergo an overhaul to become a cutting-edge golf training facility. Besides the existing heated tees, new state-of-the-art training equipment, and additional video bays will help golfers improve their game like never before. Richman says once complete it will be a completely different experience when you visit the golf center.
“We are going to capitalize on revolutionary technology, equipment, and techniques to help people get better,” said Richman. “Our hope is to be the premiere place to go if you want to learn how to be a better golfer.”

Richman and Wilkin recently have joined with the Golf Channel to become a Golf Channel Academy location, a designation awarded to only 80 facilities in the United States. The two decorated PGA Professionals and the GCA bring instant credibility and name recognition to the golf center, and many of the channel’s ads within a 200-mile radius of Martin City will feature the Martin City Golf Center.

Golf Channel Academy

“It is huge for us because the Golf Channel has a powerful TV following and high standards for a location to be named a Golf Channel Academy,” said Richman. “We are honored and it means they recognize our accomplishments and are behind our changes about to take place here.”

The center will offer memberships for training and exclusive access to the facility. Richman envisions couples date nights complete with a voucher for a local Martin City restaurant, or a ladies night with lessons and a wine tasting.

“Golf can bring entire families together because it’s a way they can interact for hours at a time,” said Richman. “We want to give people an environment to spend time together while they are improving their game.”

Other facilities like Top Golf offer entertainment, but can’t match the training and instruction available at the Martin City Golf Center. Think of Top Golf as similar to cosmic bowling. Both are fun with bright lights and loud music, but if you want to be a better golfer or bowler, you can’t learn in those environments.

“To get better at golf, you can’t just go out and hit balls for hours. You must have the right environment, information, and instruction to make it happen,” said Richman. “We want to be the first place people think of when they need lessons, training, or just want to learn more about the game”


The facility will have a soft opening later this fall, and Richman plans to have a grand opening in early 2017. Local companies, corporations, and schools have already inquired about opportunities to partner with the golf center. Richman says their goal is to build lasting partnerships with the community.

“We want to build strong relationships with the CID, local businesses, and our customers,” said Richman. “We are here in Martin City for the long-haul, and we hope people give us a chance to show them the changes we’ve made and the opportunities we can offer.”

The Martin City Golf Center is located at 1 E. 135th St, Kansas City, MO 64145. Stay tuned for a new website and upcoming announcements!