January West is the Office Manager at Hangers Cleaners in Martin City, our hometown eco-friendly dry cleaning business built from scratch nearly two decades ago. West tackles a long laundry list of responsibilities at the company’s Martin City headquarters, ranging from bookkeeping to customer service.

“We’re known for our broad, personalized service and I put a lot of work into guiding our customers through what we can do and what to expect. Our success has a lot to do with relationship building and we take pride in doing it well.”

Like many Martin City businesses, Hangers Cleaners enjoys a hard-earned reputation for quality. Dry cleaning, wet cleaning, wash and fold laundry service, alterations — they can button up just about anything you need. They even deliver to homes, apartments, businesses and schools across many areas of Kansas City.

West lifts a drop off laundry bag onto counter.

West’s work never stops at Hangers Cleaners in Martin City.

Hangers Cleaners delivery van seen in a Kansas City neighborhood.

Delivery Service makes Hangers Cleaners a stand out favorite across the Kansas City area.

Hangers Cleaners order bags lined up on counter.

Careful order coordination is a science at Hangers Cleaners in Martin City.

West started working the walk-in counter in 2017 and soon moved into billing. Her management background made her a natural fit for front office duties and quickly shaped her role as a key point person for customer service on the business side of the cleaning enterprise. Taking care of customers in this line of work is far more complicated than you might think.

“People don’t really know how a business like ours operates behind the scenes. It’s very detailed work involving many specific processes. I help explain what it means for customers so that they can enjoy the best possible experience.”

Just stick around for a few minutes and the commitment to superior service here is plain to see. Much of Hangers Cleaners’ business comes through word-of-mouth. Their online reviews are the envy of competitors and their service awards have stacked up higher than a pile of pressed school uniforms.

“I enjoy paying off all the hard work we do when I go over invoices with customers. It makes me proud of our team. We really do a terrific job and pull together like a family.”

January West points to photo memory board at Hangers Cleaners

A photo board full of memories and satisfied customers at Hangers Cleaners in Martin City.

Orders on a rack at Hangers Cleaners

Retrieving a pick up order at Hangers Cleaners in Martin City.

Not only is West a top notch Office Manager, she’s also a well-established catering chef on the side, a mom, an artist, a devoted dog lover, and of course, a die-hard Chiefs fan. She’s also a fan of Martin City going back to her childhood in South Kansas City.

“My stepdad did heating and cooling work for Jess and Jim’s Steakhouse back then and we’d come out here to eat from time to time. Martin City has grown so much since then. It’s grown so much just since I started working here! You can feel the history in the neighborhood but at the same time it’s growing up.”

Thanks for growing up with us, January! We’re lucky to have you and Hangers Cleaners in Martin City. Learn more about the business >>

November view of Hangers Cleaners exterior in Martin City

Hangers Cleaners in Martin City, Missouri.

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