135th Street Construction Progress Report


Please excuse our mess!

Once all of the construction of 135th St. is complete (3 years), Martin City will be beautiful with new sidewalks, decorative benches & trash receptacles, street banners and possibly even hanging plants.  A whole new look!  

There are two reasons you see a mess on 135th Street:

  1. AT&T moving their cable on the Right of Way in anticipation of actual construction and…
  2. The gas company moving their lines on the asphalt.  Time Warner is not far behind and KCPL has erected some new poles from Holmes Rd. to Oak St.

Phase 1 of 135th St. construction (Holmes Rd. to Oak St.) will begin this year with bids going out from the City of KCMO this spring.  Construction will probably last through next spring if not longer and entail new pavement, water lines, adding parallel parking spaces, new light poles and new sidewalks.

There will be lanes open the entire time!  You will be able to travel east and west across 135th St. at all times.  When completed it will be ultra-pedestrian friendly and allow MC-CID to plan some outdoor “street festival” type events around 3rd Thursdays.

We are considering a”Dirtiest Car Contest” on Facebook as well as several others during the construction phases and also plan to showcase our construction workers who will be with us for a while!

Your patience is appreciated and will be rewarded!