135th Street Construction Update – May 2014

martin city construction

What is happening on the east side of the railroad tracks along 135th Street?

Trenching has began on the north side of 135th Street between Holmes and the railroad tracks is under construction. The water main line installation will continue west to Oak Street. During the trenching work, access to driveways for business activities will be maintained to some degree.  At times, the driveways may have limited access and the Contractor may need to direct traffic in and out of specific driveways should trenching occur immediately in front of a driveway.  The Water Services Department will be working with individual businesses regarding the timing of connecting each business’ service line to the water main. The installation of the water main and connection of each business to the main is scheduled to be completed at the end of May.

Beginning the first of May within the construction zone between Oak Street and the railroad tracks, traffic will be shifting to the south.  The southern portion of the street has been leveled out, to some degree, and prepared for the change in traffic pattern. Businesses with driveways on the southern portion of the street will continue to have access to driveways.

What comes next? Subject to the completion of the water main at the end of May, the construction schedule estimates Blue Nile will start the construction of curbs, sidewalks, and preparation of the street for paving.  This construction work will run through the summer.

As many of you have already been doing, please continue to direct all heavy equipment trucks and landscaping trailers to access 135th Street from Hwy 150 instead of Holmes.

Please share this information with your employees so they are aware of the change in the traffic pattern and the construction schedule!

Your frustration in the ever changing construction schedule is understood.  Your patience is appreciated.