5 Ways Martin City Gives Businesses in the CID Exposure

5 Ways Martin City Gives Businesses in the CID Exposure

1. Martin City CID Businesses Receive a Landing Page on our Website!

EVERY business in the CID has a dedicated page on Martin City’s website and the CID is working to update them with the most relevant information. We strongly recommend all businesses in the District take a look at their company’s page and email the Executive Director if anything is not correct. Click here to find your page!

2. Martin City CID is SOCIAL!

The Martin City CID is very active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook so if your business is in the District and there is something specific you would like shared, please send that information to Martin City CID’s Executive Director at [email protected]. If your company is also active on social networks, please make sure to tag Martin City in your posts so we can help you spread your news! (FB = @MartinCityCID / Twitter = @MartinCityMO)

3. Martin City CID Shares Member News!

If something great is happening in your business, we not only want to know, we want everyone else to know too! Stories about your company, employees, awards, new contracts, advice for fellow Martin City businesses or community members, and other non-promotional articles can be posted on Martin City’s Blog, which receives, on average, over 3500 visitors monthly. All approved Martin City blog articles are also shared on Martin City’s social networks.


4. Martin City CID Posts Jobs!

Is your company hiring? Martin City CID has a JOBS page on our website so if you are in the District and have an open position at your company, the CID will post it on our website free of charge and actively promote it on social media.


5. Martin City CID Has Deals!

Martin City CID businesses who have coupons, specials and any other kind of “deal” for customers may send them to the Executive Director so they may be added to the DEALS page on Martin City’s website.

*Please send questions and information you would like shared to the Executive Director of the Martin City CID at [email protected]