Bo Stueck Retires From MCCID Board Of Directors

The Martin City business community and the MCCID board members would like to thank long-time CID Board member and Suburban Lawn & Garden owner, Bo Stueck, for her thoughtful leadership and dedicated service to the Martin City Community Improvement District. Stueck has retired from the CID board of directors and Carol Siegel has officially been appointed to take her place.

“I had the privilege of working with Suburban Lawn & Garden’s Bo Stueck during my entire tenure,” says Barb Engel, retired Executive Director of the MCCID. “Bo was a model Board member – prompt to the meetings, engaged in the issues, willing to serve on additional committees, and a regular attendee at the our social functions. She and her husband, Bill, have been a major resource for Martin City and have always been willing to do what was asked of them.” According to Engel, Martin City would not be what it is today without Bo and Bill Stueck!


L-R: Bill Stueck, Bo Stueck
L-R: Bill Stueck, Bo Stueck


So who is the new board member?

Carol Siegel is a lifelong Kansas City resident. She attended St Francis Xavier Elementary, St. Teresa’s Academy, and UMKC, and has been married to her husband, Alan, for 43 years. They have been blessed with 2 sons, 2 grand-daughters and one grandson… so far! They are all huge soccer enthusiasts and Royals fanatics. Carol and Al have lived in South Kansas City their entire married life. She has been employed at Suburban Lawn and Garden for 21+ years, having started on her birthday in 1993! She has always been interested in government affairs but has never really been directly involved so she is excited about the opportunity to serve on the MCCID board. “I hope to learn more about the inner workings of city government and do what I can to promote Martin City!” says Siegel. We are excited to have her join the CID board!

L-R: Carol Siegel, Bo Stueck
L-R: Carol Siegel, Bo Stueck


About the Martin City CID

Per Missouri law, Community Improvement Districts are created when a business area wishes to improve conditions for existing businesses and attract growth. Safety, cleanliness, beautification, business retention, business growth, capital improvements are all issues that drive CID’s.

In 2005 the Martin City Community Improvement District was established in perpetuity. The Martin City CID Board of Directors has 7 members who provide governance to the 300-acre district. The CID is funded by a $.005 sales tax assessment netting approximately $250,000 per year and additionally $150 per property nets approximately $17,000 annually. These funds are used for a security program, district beautification, marketing, events, and capital improvements.

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