Construction Update – August 2014

How about those new sidewalks?  Yes, sidewalks on the north side of 135th Street between Holmes and Oak are nearly finished, as well as the installation of curbs, gutters, and new driveway approaches. Some sidewalks have been poured on the south side of 135th Street between Holmes and the railroad tracks.

martin city sidewalks

Starting Monday, August 4th, drivers will be shifted to the two far north lanes on 135th street. The construction company will start tearing out the southern side of the street so curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and driveway approaches can be poured between the railroad tracks and Oak. During this construction the contractor, the City, and the CID will be coordinating with businesses on the south side of 135th Street access to individual business driveways.

KCP&L and Time Warner will be working in the area during the first few weeks of August as well.  KCP&L will be taking down their old street light poles.  The City of Kansas City, MO will be installing new street light poles as part of the construction on the south side of the street. Time Warner will be transferring some service lines from a few old poles to new poles along the south side of the road.

We thank you for your continued patience.  Stay tuned for more updates!