Construction Update – July 2014


Is the construction along 135th Street every going to end? YES! 

On the list of things completed, we can check off the installation of a new 66’ storm drain system and the installation of a NEW water main. In June, all property owners between Holmes and Oak along 135th were connected to the new water main so the old broken water main could be abandoned for service. Hopefully the days of water main breaks every other week have come to an end. WOW!

Through the month of July, concrete is being poured for curbs, gutters, and sidewalks along the north side of 135th Street. During the first three weeks of July, the drive lane on the north side will continue to be built up. Once the base is built up, temporary asphalt will be poured and starting July 21st, the lane will be open for travel.

Alert To Drivers!!!
Around July 21st or 22nd, the center lane will no longer be available for travel. The road will have a new configuration to allow for the demolition of the center lane. The center lane will be rebuilt to match up with the height of the west bound lane. Weather permitting, the contractor should finish the center lane construction by August 18th and be able to begin pouring curbs, gutters and sidewalks on the southern side of the street.