Construction Update – September 2014


Exciting things are happening within the construction zone in September!  Within the first two weeks of the month, new asphalt should be laid on the street between Holmes and Oak. The striping for drive lanes and on-street parking will follow shortly thereafter. The contractor anticipates finishing the installation of new metal street light poles along the sidewalks in Mid-September.  As street lights are transferred off the old wooden light poles, the wooden light poles will be removed from the district. All KCP&L transformer and electrical wooden poles will remain along the curbside.

In late September, the schedule includes the installation of a new traffic signal at Locust. An upgraded traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Holmes and 135th Street.  At the end of the month, the contractor should have all the sod laid beside the sidewalks.

We understand the construction is very frustrating but please remember that all businesses are open and look forward to everyone coming out to see the improvements in Martin City!  There are many people involved in this project and not everything has gone according to plan but we are working very hard to focus on how wonderful Martin City will be when we have better storm water drainage, sidewalks, and more on-street parking. Thank you for your patience!