Flowers are blooming in Cornerstones of Care’s greenhouse at the Ozanam campus in Martin City, which means the annual “Thyme for Kids” plant sale is coming up! You’re invited to shop for flowers, plants, vegetables and herbs April 27th-28th while helping students learn how to be part of the workforce.

“We role-play so they learn how to interact with customers and prepare to answer their questions. It’s neat to watch them demonstrate the skills and knowledge they’ve learned all year,” said Megan Sperry, an instructor on campus.

The horticulture class is an elective, and Sperry teaches 20-25 students each semester how to plant seeds in January and then nurture their growth until the plant sale in April.

They learn teamwork, responsibility, and how to be part of a larger community working toward a common goal. “It gives kids who come from traumatic backgrounds a sense of hope when they help create something that comes to life and grows,” said Sperry.

The plant sale is a fundraiser for the Horticulture Therapy program at Cornerstones of Care and has grown in popularity every year. Once the sale is over, Sperry said it’s fun to watch the students look back with pride on their work.

“They’re always shocked when the greenhouse is almost empty after the sale because so many people wanted to buy their plants. They feel like they’ve accomplished something together as a team.”

We look forward to seeing all the beautiful flowers grown by students this year and encourage everyone to visit Cornerstones of Care – Ozanam’s Campus on April 27th or 28th to support them! The sale is open to the public, and most plants range from $2-$8.

To learn more about “Thyme for Kids” plant sale, please visit their website.