The Dental Care Center Of South KC Has A New Facility!

The Dental Care Center Of South KC Has A New Facility!

The Dental Care Center of South Kansas City won’t just be cleaning teeth at their new location at 325 E. 135th Street in Martin City….they plan on changing lives.

“We have SO much space at our new office,” says Ginger Stiver, co-owner of the practice and wife of long time Martin City dentist, Dr. Gregory Stiver. “We want to be able to use it to benefit our community… and to encourage people to be more proactive about being healthy, not only with their teeth.”

With programs planned ranging from support for veterans, cycling programs, a community garden, outdoor events and fitness classes in the large basement area of the building, there’s no doubt that this dentist office will be like no other! Their goal is to make the new 6,000 sq. foot space into a haven for health and wellness.

Ginger Stiver’s passion for health, fitness and positive change are apparent the moment you step into the office. Bright walls with inspiring art and messages adorn the rooms, giving the waiting area a relaxing, peaceful feeling. “A healthy smile starts on the inside,” Stiver is quick to say when we point out the positive vibe in the room.“We don’t want to be your typical dentist office,” Stiver says.

Dental Center of South KC waiting room

Dental Care Center of South Kansas City officially opened the new location on July 1st, 2015 with plans of having a grand opening in September. Though the space is new to the practice, Dr. Gregory Stiver has been practicing dentistry for 28 years in Martin City. Their old facility, which was located on Holmes road, housed 10 employees. Now, Dr. Stiver has grown to 13 employees and is hiring a new dentist to help with demand.

Dental Care center

“Our hope is to continue to grow and offer opportunities for more people to become healthy,” says Dr. Gregory Stiver.

The building was previously occupied by McKinzie Construction Inc., and cost a little over $1 million to redevelop. Prior to McKinzie Construction, the building was home to Keegan’s BBQ and still has the original smoker inside!

Under construction
Keegan Barbecue Smoker
Keegan’s Barbecue smoker
dr stiver
After renovations – before new signage installed

The Stiver’s say the property has so far proven to be a good investment.

Now that they are all moved in, purchasing new high-end equipment has been a top priority. The Dental Center offers services many of their competitors do not, such as sedation and cosmetic dentistry. Sedation dentistry is the most common method used in the United States to calm a patient’s fears. It’s easy, and best of all does not involve needles. Dental sedation creates a comfortable experience, and most patients don’t even remember the visit.

We are excited to welcome the Dental Center of South Kansas City to their new location on 135th Street and look forward to working together on many community events in the future!

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