Fishtech Officially Opens Their Doors In Martin City!

Fishtech Grand Opening Martin City Missouri
On Thursday, June 1st, Fishtech officially opened their doors in Martin City and Founder Gary Fish toasted all those who helped bring this project to life. Several Missouri dignitaries were present to celebrate the official opening and Sixth District Councilman Scott Taylor thanked Fishtech for all they’ve brought to South Kansas City.

“There is so much growth in South Kansas City and Martin City and it’s an exciting time to be part of this evolution,” said Taylor. “Fishtech has made a tremendous investment in the district and we appreciate their commitment and vision for South Kansas City,” he said.


One of the reasons we love having Fishtech in Martin City is because they are such wonderful community people! Rather than have food catered in from outside vendors, they were so thoughtful and brought in all of our Martin City restaurants! Margarita’s, Jack Stack Barbecue, Jess and Jim’s Steakhouse, and RC’s Restaurant were all on-site serving bite-sized portions of their famous foods giving everyone a “taste of Martin City.”

Martin City Restaurants

And thanks to Martin City Brewing Company, Fishtech even offered a private label “Fishtech Beer” for the occasion! It was great to see Matt and Kara Moore (and the new baby!), owners of the Martin City Brewing Company, who were in attendance to help celebrate.

MCBC Fishtech Beer Label

The band knocked it out of the park with their performance on the first-floor event stage. They even had a video of Fishtech’s building coming to life playing in the background!

fishtech music

We appreciate the many South Kansas City dignitaries, Chamber members, and Martin City businesses who came out to support Fishtech’s vision for our neighborhood, and to meet “Team Fishtech,” who has been busy at work behind the scenes creating technologies that will someday change the world.


Fishtech’s new headquarters building at 13333 Holmes Road in Martin City was created using state of the art sustainable materials and technologies. The office space has a wide-open environment with no dedicated offices and each conference area is equipped with whiteboard tables and video displays.

Fishtech office

Fishtech deck

Because Gary Fish is an avid car collector, he has incorporated some of his passion into the design of the interior space, naming each conference room after automotive brands. Fish said his team likes the cars and said he believes having unique “toys” available at work is great for recruiting.

fishtech cars

The beautiful open kitchen isn’t just any kitchen. We’re told Fish likes to have a Paleo chef come in on Sundays to stock the refrigerator for the week! Healthy drinks, foods, snacks and even a few unhealthy choices are available at no cost to Fishtech employees any time the need arises. There’s even a full wine wall on the main floor!

fishtech kitchen

As awesome as that sounds, there weren’t too many things as awesome as meeting Pepper, personal assistant to Gary Fish! Fishtech’s VP of Marketing Strategy and Development, Justin Copeland, said Pepper is in the very early stages of programming and has only been learning her new code for about a week. You can see her chatting it up with him in this short video clip:

Programmable Robotics and facial/voice recognition technologies are just a few of the innovations Fishtech is working on. Pepper and Fishtech’s new headquarter building are just the first phase of a multi-phase project that includes adding two new state of the art buildings next door and across the street.

Fishtech phase 2 and 3

Phase II will be new offices across the street and Phase III includes a 20,000-square-foot building that will become Fishtech’s new Cloud Security Operations Center, a 24/7 internet security and threat monitoring service for commercial clients. Additional analysts and scientists are expected to be hired once both phases are closer to completion, which means more jobs in Martin City!

We are incredibly proud to have Fishtech open their doors in our district and look forward to supporting their future growth. To learn more about them, inquire about jobs, or find out how you can get involved, please visit their website

To view more photos of the grand opening, please visit Fishtech’s Facebook page.