Loving Arms Adult Day Care Gets People Moving!

Loving Arms Adult Day Care Gets People Moving!

“We don’t let people sit around and watch TV all day long,” said Debbie Hartsell, owner of Loving Arms Adult Daycare. “This isn’t a nursing home, and we don’t ever want to be one!”

We made a surprise visit to the daycare center and Hartsell wasn’t kidding when she said they don’t operate like a nursing home. We walked right into on a full-blown Karaoke party! Hartsell said Karaoke is just one of the fun experiences clients have at Loving Arms every day.

“I saw so many senior citizens in the nursing home where I previously worked who didn’t need to be there yet,” Hartsell added. That inspired her to offer families an alternative, and in 2010, she took a leap of faith and opened a Christian-based adult daycare facility in Martin City.

“Many people have to go into nursing homes because it’s unsafe for their families to leave them alone during the day,” said Hartsell. “Our goal is to give them a few more quality years at home.”

Nine skilled employees who’ve all been trained to meet a variety of medical, mental, and physical needs are on staff at Loving Arms and they are the fabulous organizers behind the food that’s cooked on site, and all the games, live musical performances, computer instruction, group exercises, and other stimulating activities their clients look forward to each day.

A singing cowboy, magicians, clowns, and even a belly dancer are regular entertainers at Loving Arms. “The belly dancer is quite popular here with the men,” Hartsell laughs!

Every day, Loving Arms picks up clients from all over the Kansas City area by van or bus, and brings them to Loving Arms for morning coffee and conversation at “Coffee Club” until everyone arrives. “We are all incredibly close here and every morning, we look forward to catching up on each other’s lives,” said Hartsell.

A big common bond? At least 75% of Loving Arm’s clients are male veterans. Adult Day Health Care is part of the VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package and all enrolled veterans are eligible for financial assistance to cover daycare expenses IF they meet the clinical need.

Loving Arms is the largest VA-approved adult day care in Kansas City and partners with Kansas City’s Department of Veterans Affairs to assist veterans with daily living challenges and find the best support services for their needs.

“Our center provides a safe and active environment with constant supervision so veterans can get out of the house and participate in life again,” said Hartsell. “They don’t always remember our names, but they always have a big smile on their face when they come through our door so we know they enjoy being here, and it’s fulfilling to know we can ease the burden for families who‘ve often unexpectedly taken over the role of caretaking.”

We are thankful for people like Debbie Hartsell and her caring staff at Loving Arms Adult Day Care and are proud to have a company who cares so deeply about the needs of our growing special needs adult population in Martin City. To learn more about how they may be able to help you care for a loved one, please visit their website.