Jeff Menefee is the Director of Marketing and Events at Rosehill Gardens, a well-known custom landscaping service business headquartered in Martin City. Menefee has officially been with Rosehill for about two years now, but his love of the business goes way back.

“About 17 years ago, I landscaped my new yard with trees, shrubs, and perennials from Rosehill Gardens,” Menefee remembers. “Some of the original fountain grasses from back then are still with me today. I’ve divided and shared them too so now they’re spread all over town.”

Jeff is all about native plants and grasses and says Indian grass is his favorite. “Making focal points and small environments where you can sit and be surrounded by nature is a big part of what I like. I’ve created a morning coffee spot and a shady evening spot that I really enjoy being in and both are just in range of my Wi-Fi.”


Rosehill Gardens is a landscaping pioneer with roots more than a century deep. It’s known for perfecting custom landscape designs and maintaining private and commercial properties across the Kansas City metro, including along the main drag in Martin City. Rosehill provides and cares for all the gorgeous hanging flower baskets adorning 135th Street.

Hanging flower baskets along 135th Street are part of Martin City's beautification plan.Hanging flower baskets along 135th Street are part of Martin City’s beautification plan.

Over the past few years, Rosehill Garden’s 135th Street location has grown into a one-of-a-kind destination and Menefee makes sure it’s all a cut above.

“My favorite part of my job is watching people enjoying themselves here at Rosehill Gardens. Whether they’re here for a wedding, a birthday party, or wine night at Somerset Wine & Cider Bar enjoying music on our courtyard patio, people love the colorful setting and always say they feel relaxed and welcomed.” Jeff says creating that type of atmosphere gives him great satisfaction.


Live music is a big hit at Somerset Wine & Cider Bar on Rosehill Garden’s courtyard patio

Menefee’s love of Martin City has been growing since he was a kid living in a rural area outside of Kansas City. “I have a long-time connection to this community that began in Adrian, Missouri,” says Menefee. “We would take trips to ‘the city’ and that usually included a stop at Jess & Jim’s Steakhouse or Jack Stack Barbecue.”

Jeff has also lived in Anchorage Alaska, Denver Colorado, Adrian Missouri, Pittsburg Kansas, Honolulu Hawaii, San Francisco California, Hartford Connecticut, Long Beach California, and Stilwell Kansas… in that order! He says living in so many different places has given him a unique perspective of people and life.

Thank you, Jeff, for being part of Martin City’s growing workforce, and for doing all you can to make Rosehill Gardens a community treasure. From creative landscape ideas to flourishing blooms in the beautiful outdoor event space we know you worked hard to create, your contribution continues to add so much to the neighborhood.


Rosehill Gardens’ outdoor event space

To learn more about Rosehill Gardens, please visit their website>>

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