Martin City Animal Hospital Takes Stress Out Of Vet Visits!

Martin City Animal Hospital Takes Stress Out Of Vet Visits!

If you’re a pet owner, you know most dogs and cats aren’t crazy about going to the vet. In most cases, vet visits are stressful at best. They often mean a scary new environment, slick floors, other stressed out animals and strangers poking and prodding your pet. Even the most laid-back of dogs can become stressed by visiting the vet.

That said, we found out from Dr. Libby Robertson and Dr. Elley at Martin City Animal Hospital that there are ways to work around the chaos! Both veterinarians strongly believe and participate in continuing education, which allows them to keep up with the constantly evolving field of veterinary care. Easing the stress of vet visits have been a recent topic in their courses, one of which they have already put into practice.

In order to reduce the stress of pets and their owners when they walk through the doors, MCAH will schedule what’s called a “Happy Visit” where your dog comes to the clinic for the sole purpose of receiving a treat and some lovin’ from staff.

This simple visit helps create a positive memory for dogs, which can help ease anxiety when a real medical visit comes along. Dr. Libby Robertson and her staff say they frequently help relax dogs by sitting with them and even conducting exams on their laps if necessary. By lowering the stress of the patients, and the owners, vet visits become fun instead of dread!

MCAH_Happy Visits

The doctors at MCAH are not only dedicated to the health of your pet but their happiness as well and we are lucky to have them in our neighborhood. The clinic offers full-service veterinary services and boarding primarily for dogs and cats, as well as minor services for other household pets. They have recently added cold laser therapy to their list of services and can now treat a huge variety of conditions with a high-powered laser.

Learn more about Martin City Animal Hospital by visiting their website.