MMC Contractors Helps One Of Its Own

MMC Contractors Helps One Of Its Own

Martin City is a great place to do business because we are a tight-knit community. Everyone is willing to step up and help when someone’s in need. One community member recently learned this first-hand. Jeff Tyler is the business development manager at MMC Contractors, a national mechanical contractor company with an office in Martin City, MO.  MMC Contractors does work for industries like healthcare, industrial, and athletics. You may be familiar with their work with the renovations at Arrowhead Stadium, the Cerner 3 Trials Campus, Hollywood Casino and hospitals throughout the Kansas City metro area.

Tyler’s wife grew up near Martin City, and in 2008, their family made the decision to move from Chicago, IL back to this area. Tyler interviewed at MMC Contractors and was impressed with the people and community here in Martin City.

“The first time I met people here, it felt like a family,” says Tyler. “When I had the opportunity to work for MMC Contractors, it was an easy decision. The culture here was exactly what I was looking for.”

Tyler never expected the community would one day rally to his own family’s side.

Parker Monhollon is a 9-year-old girl recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Photo courtesy of
Parker Monhollon is a 9-year-old girl recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Photo courtesy of Parker Loves Life on Facebook.

Parker Monhollon is an 8-year-old from Topeka. She dances with Tyler’s daughter, and Tyler jokes she was the first girl his son asked to be his girlfriend.

In January, Parker went for a routine eye exam. The doctor noticed something unusual, which led to several other doctor visits and an MRI the same day.

Parker was eventually diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), one of the most lethal forms of brain cancer in children.

“It hit my family hard,” says Tyler. “My wife wrote a letter and I brought it to work because I couldn’t get the words out. It was a way for me to explain what was going on and ask for help.”

Within an hour of sharing the letter, Tyler met with Keith Andrews, president of MMC Contractors. Andrews offered financial assistance from the company to help the family travel to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.

“We were able to offer quick financial help to Parker’s family. When I called, her mother’s first words were ‘They don’t even know us!’’’ says Tyler. “I said, ‘They heard your story. This is what they can offer and they are happy to help you.’”

It was only the beginning.

Parker’s favorite color is purple, and one day Tyler asked the company’s staff to wear purple on a Monday in support of her. He was blown away when the MMC Contractors’ office staffs and workers at job sites across the country wore purple to support Parker.

MMC Contractors
MMC Contractors supported Parker by wearing purple at work. Photo courtesy of MMC Contractors.

MMC Contractors supports other charitable events and organizations across Kansas City. In the past, they have assisted with Giving the Basics, the First Hand Foundation, Benilde Hall, the American Heart Association, and the list goes on.

“I have never seen a more generous group of people who are willing to help when there is a need within the company’s family,” says Tyler. “Through our work as hospital contractors, we are engaged in health and wellness across the country. We love to help others in need.”

MMC Contractors has been in Martin City for 10 years. Recently, the lease for the company’s building was up for renewal and they explored their options. The decision was made to renew the lease and keep the business here in Martin City.

“It was a feeling of relief for everyone because most of the office staff live in this area,” says Tyler. “Having so many restaurants in the area is always a bonus, and our staff can always be seen throughout Martin City during lunch hour. The improvements the Martin City CID are working on will make this place even better.”

Tyler says recent events have only confirmed his decision to bring his family to the Martin City area.

“Looking back eight years later, I feel even better about it. The whole area has become home. It is the perfect fit for us.”

If you would like to help Parker’s family, visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.