We know healthy communities have healthy relationships with local police so we’re thrilled to introduce Mary McCall from KCPD’s South Patrol Division, as Martin City’s new Community Interaction Officer (CIO)!

What exactly does a Community Interaction Officer do?

Ultimately, their goal is to eliminate the “us against them” mindset so we see them as part of, not separate from, our community. When a partnership like this exists between police and the community, criminals tend to retreat into the shadows and that’s exactly what we want to see happen in Martin City!

For the past 15 years, Officer McCall has been answering 911 calls and patrolling the streets of Kansas City, but when she heard Officer Mike Hammer was retiring as CIO of the South Patrol Division at the end of 2017, she saw an opportunity to use her skills in a different way.

“I’m a people person and I love bringing people together,” said McCall. “This role allows me to build relationships between the police department and community members in a positive way, and I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know everyone in South Kansas City.”

Officer McCall already has ideas about ways to bring South KC neighborhoods and police officers together. “We want to host career fairs, family movie nights, volleyball tournaments, and many other events where kids and adults have opportunities to have positive interactions with police officers. This helps them see us as real people who care about them and are here to help,” said McCall.

She also plans to introduce more of her fellow KCPD officers to Martin City so the District has more resources. The CID already uses a private security service to patrol each night from 10pm-6am, and they work closely with KCPD when they need assistance.

“After being a patrol officer, it’s been fascinating to see how businesses and residents work together to improve the neighborhoods they love,” said McCall. “I’m enjoying getting to know the people in Martin City, and I am looking forward to being part of all the exciting things happening in the district.”

Officer McCall plans to attend our monthly CID board meetings to share information about crime in our area and will be working with us to find ways to improve public safety in the district. Board meetings are open to the public and dates and times are posted on our event calendar.

If your business, school, neighborhood, or community organization would like to learn more about KCPD resources available to you, or would like to request a visit from Officer McCall, please contact her directly at 816-672-2828 or email mary.mccall@kcpd.org.

Welcome to Martin City, Officer McCall!

Officer Mary McCall KCPD