Positions Chiropractic Easily Adjusts to Martin City

Positions Chiropractic Easily Adjusts to Martin City

Owner’s Priorities Align with Community Values.

Dr. Chris Pounds D.C. had several locations to choose from in Kansas City, but none matched the opportunity he found in Martin City. Positions Chiropractic recently opened in the State Line Point Shopping Center on Washington Street and Pounds says he’s settling in for the long haul. “This is exactly where I want to begin building a business focused on helping and healing.”

Positions Chiropractic owner Dr. Chris Pounds D.C.
Positions Chiropractic owner Dr. Chris Pounds D.C.

Transforming the Corner of State Line Point

Despite the pandemic and the economic downturn it’s created, encouraging signs of recovery are emerging on Washington Street and we’re thrilled to see more tenants moving in. Positions Chiropractic joins a string of well-established Martin City businesses, including Lukas Wine & Spirits Superstore, Paris Nail & Day Spa, Michael’s, Big Lots, and Overstock Furniture and Mattress.

The new chiropractic office also sits across the parking lot from El Maguey, Martin City’s newest Mexican restaurant.

Positions Chiropractic is right across the parking lot from El Maguey (pictured left.)
Positions Chiropractic is right across the parking lot from El Maguey Mexican restaurant (pictured left.)

The sign is easy to see and Pounds says he’s pleased new patients are finding him.

“I’ve done a little advertising just to let people know Positions is now open and I’ve had some walk-ins too. It’s great to know the word is getting out. I’m happy to be in business in Martin City!”

Positions Chiropractic is in the State Line Point Shopping Center along with Paris Nails, Overstock Furniture & Mattress, Big Lots, Michael’s, and Lukas Wine & Spirits Superstore.
Positions Chiropractic is located in the State Line Point Shopping Center on Washington Street

Positions Chiropractic opened in December 2020, and the sleek, clean, and modern healthcare facility feels brand new. Premium treatment tables and top of the line equipment signals a practice that’s a cut above. Elements of natural wood along with plenty of natural light keep the atmosphere from seeming cold or sterile.

“I want patients to look forward to their appointments and feel good from the moment they walk in the door,” says Pounds. “I’m very much about family and comfort, and patients can sense that in the space I’ve created and the way I practice.”

Hand sanitizer and masks are a way of life at Positions and Pounds has been spreading appointments out to make sure everyone stays safe.

Positions Chiropractic in Martin City.
Positions Chiropractic in Martin City.
Positions Chiropractic in Martin City.
Positions Chiropractic in Martin City.

The space sat empty for a couple of years after a fast food restaurant moved out, leaving cooler and freezer footprints behind. Pounds said he had to gut it and clean it in a way he hadn’t expected and then redesign an entirely new facility. Every inch of Positions Chiropractic has been updated, all the way down to the restroom.

Previous freezer and cooler areas transformed to fresh office and storage space at Positions Chiropractic in Martin City.
Freezer areas have been transformed into fresh office and storage space.

Chiropractic practices offer a variety of care and business models and Pounds says he’s focused on quality care and long-term relationships more than accumulating a large volume of patients seeking quick adjustments at discount rates. If you’re looking for fast in-and-out appointments, Positions Chiropractic is not your kind of place. 

“We’re not the least expensive option and you’re going to spend more than five minutes here,” says Pounds. “But I guarantee you’ll leave feeling like you got your money’s worth every time. Sometimes a single adjustment can immediately make a big difference, but I’m also interested in the ongoing process of improving and maintaining good health.”

Prairie Roots Point to Martin City

Pounds grew up in Haysville, Kansas, just outside of Wichita, where everybody knows everybody’s name. His father was the local ‘computer guy’ for the school district, and that kept his family connected to the community. He believes the small-town experience of living in the shadow of Wichita set the stage for his love of Martin City today.

“Martin City really reminds me of where I grew up. It’s got a great small-town feel and if you want a little more excitement, the big city is just a short drive away. I could have opened Positions Chiropractic in an area like the KC Crossroads where there are plenty of potential customers. But that’s not my style. I like how Martin City is laid back and more focused on community. That’s where I fit in.”

Dr. Chris Pounds’ practice is grounded in small-town values.
Dr. Chris Pounds’ practice is grounded in small-town values.

Pounds’ professional style fits in too. The 2012 graduate of Cleveland University Chiropractic College envisions his practice following the tradition of a small-town doctor. He devotes time to getting to know each patient and thoroughly tries to understand their issues, taking all things into consideration from nutrition to lifestyle. He says he treats them like he wants to be treated and works to be there in a pinch when they need him. Pounds believes chiropractic care complements medical care but certainly doesn’t replace it.

“I don’t blur those lines. If I can’t fix your problem, I’ll refer you to the help you need. I see my role as part of your healthcare team, providing ongoing care and support in a way that enhances care from other healthcare providers. It can really make a difference.”

Positions Chiropractic is now accepting patients in Martin City.
Positions Chiropractic is now accepting patients in Martin City.

Pounds’ wife works as a radiation therapy medical professional and the couple lives near Olathe, Kansas with their little boy. After he identified Martin City as the right place to open the chiropractic business, he soon realized even more potential surrounding the new location.

“You know, all of these areas around Martin City are really growing up. I can see development happening along Highway 150 from right here on Washington Street. Looking ahead at the next ten years, I’m excited to see where it goes. This area is fertile ground for new businesses and I’ll enjoy watching it unfold and being part of all the growth.”

Pounds sees the potential for a business boom right outside his window at Positions Chiropractic.
Pounds sees the potential for a future business boom in and around Martin City

Dr. Pounds wants you to know he intends to build a chiropractic brand that’s bigger than the name of the practitioner who owns it and wants Positions Chiropractic to become a special part of Martin City.

“I want this business to be about the care, not about the person who owns it. I want people to come here, feel good, and get better, regardless of who delivered the care. No matter how many practitioners join my staff, we will all share the same commitment to the same, high-quality experience.”

Dr. Pounds is new to Martin City so if you have a chance, please stop by and say hello! He enjoys walking along 135th Street and visiting Martin City restaurants and shops to meet local neighbors. Nothing pleases him more than running into a patient at the Martin City Brewing Company, or waving to a neighbor down the street at the start of a new business day. 

“I really like everything Martin City is doing to pull itself up and take charge of its future, and I want to help wherever I can. I’ve been involved in sports my entire life and I’ve worked with many young athletes. Maybe I can make a difference at a local school or nearby sports venue for kids. More than anything, I want to get to know my neighbors and see how we can all make a difference together.”

Working together has certainly helped Martin City grow into what it is today, and we appreciate all the investments made by Pounds Chiropractic and so many others planning their future in Martin City.

Thank you, Chris Pounds, for choosing Martin City! We wish you all the best in your first year of business.

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