Reno’s Powersports Hosts Demos For Motorcyle Enthusiasts

Reno’s Powersports Hosts Demos For Motorcyle Enthusiasts

Imagine the exhilaration of flying down a wide-open road, crisp wind rushing past you, and the adrenaline-fueled rush of becoming one with the surroundings. That’s what you can experience at Reno’s Powersports in Martin City, MO.

Owner Steve “SteveO” Okenfuss began his career in the banking and automobile industries. In 2000, he knew he wanted to do something exciting so he opened a small motorcycle shop that is now approaching 40,000 square feet with a variety of makes and models.

Renos Ducati Experience

“Many of our motorcycles are aspirational, where people hope to one day own a bike that is more than ordinary,” said Steve-O. “We love seeing people come here to experience and get to know a bike for the first time.”

Reno’s Powersports KC is helping people make their dream a reality this summer at test drive and demo events for Ducati, XDiavel, and Yamaha. SteveO says 400 people attend their events, coming from as far away as Illinois and Arkansas to try out exclusive bikes.

“These events give us an opportunity to meet and build relationships with people in our community,” said Steve-O. “It is a fun introduction to what we do, and people start to picture themselves owning one of these bikes.”

The Ducati Experience Tour visited Reno’s last month, where people had a chance to check out Ducati’s 2016 models, ask technicians questions, and learn more about the brand.

Coming up in July, the XDiavel Tour will take place July 8-10, and the Yamaha Factory Demo Truck will visit July 15-16.

“We want it to be a fun, but safe experience where people are comfortable with the bike they are test riding,” said Steve-O. “Each rider is profiled so we can match them up with the right bike for them.”

Since opening in 2000, Reno’s product line has expanded beyond motorcycles to include ATVs, SXS, personal watercrafts, and scooters. They are also a full-service facility, with Factory Certified Techs, and carry OEM Parts and Accessories, Motor Clothes, Riding Gear from over 300 different suppliers. They also have a huge inventory of pre-owned motorcycles and scooters.

Ducati Experience at Renos Powersports

SteveO says summer is their busiest time of the year, but they are no longer limited to one season.

“Summer is our busiest season, which makes it the perfect time for these demo events to visit,” said Steve-O. “We’ve expanded our product mix to include a variety of lines, so we aren’t limited to just one season.”

As a result, Reno’s Powersports KC offers aspiring riders demo events and promotions throughout the year. Currently, they are offering .99% APR on purchases. To learn more about upcoming events, promotions, and products, visit Reno’s Powersports’ website or call 816-942-8900.