A feeling of renewal is brewing at Martin City Brewing Company’s Original Gastro Pub. Legendary, hometown beer remains the star attraction, and now you have a few new reasons to look forward to eating at the corner of 135th Street and Locust.

Toasting a Delicious New Year

Despite all of the troubles 2020 dumped on local businesses, Martin City Brewing Company fought through it all with impressive success. Owner Matt Moore’s early emphasis on his online ordering platform paid off for his restaurant operations in Martin City, and his team is riding the momentum.

“Take-out orders account for as much as half of our sales in Martin City and we’re going strong overall,” says T.J. Carr, General Manager of MCBC’s Original Pub and Pizza & Taproom in Martin City. “Our employees are hard at work and we’re still hiring.”

<!martin city brewing company original gastro pub A new year kicked off with a new sign above the Martin City Pub

The Pub is getting special attention as 2021 begins. The business has been humming along for years but now managers are ready to explore their potential. Carr says spirits are high as everyone begins looking beyond the pandemic and focusing on making the Pub better than ever. “We have a new chef with a lot of passion and some fantastic new features on our menu that you’re just not going to see in other pubs.”

martin city brewing company carry out window Loading up on takeout orders at lunchtime at the Martin City Pub.[/caption]

The Pub’s menu still includes a few longtime favorites along with new temptations like Drunken Shrimp and Nashville Hot Chicken. The Southwest Salad is getting rave reviews and Carr says you must try the Ceasar. “I’ve enjoyed many, many Ceaser salads over the years in all kinds of restaurants, and this one is absolutely the best.”

You can’t go wrong with the tacos, the mac n’ cheese options, or any of the eclectic sandwiches. And there’s no denying the appeal of the Pub’s classic burgers. The beef inside the burgers and all other beefy entrees is top-notch, and now also shares some of the same quality inside every glass of Martin City Brewing Company beer, thanks to a local partnership.

Martin City Brewing Company Craft Beer Martin City Brewing Company Craft Beer

Grain Program Partnership

It’s no secret that good ideas often arise from conversations over a cold one. That’s how Martin City Brewing Company’s partnership with a local beef producer was born. Kansas City Beef Company owners have a history of dropping by the Pub for a bite. Talk of cattle, beef and brewing inevitably evolved into a smart idea. Instead of simply disposing of spent grain after the brewing process, Martin City Brewing Company ships it to Kansas City Beef Company to feed cows that now wind up as beef back on Pub plates in Martin City.

“We pride ourselves on brewing beer with very high-quality grain,” says Carr. “And now that grain actually goes into the beef we serve. And it’s not just any beef. Kansas City Beef Company is ultra-premium. So the match is perfect, resulting in a beef quality you know you can trust, less grain waste for our brewery, and a partnership that underscores our commitment to local businesses.”

beef burger martin city brewing company A smart, local partnership delivers more quality to every bite of Martin City Pub beef.

Kansas City Beef Company raises cattle in the Missouri countryside just outside of Kansas City, paying close attention to every animal, every day. Cattle graze freely in green pastures and enjoy an added mixture of top-quality feed, including grain, to ensure an exceptional culinary experience.

“Every year we probably go through half a million pounds of grain making Martin City Brewing Company beer,” says Head Brewer, Nick Vaughn. “It’s great to see it used in a way that matters rather than just getting rid of it. Cows can digest it and get the nutrition it still contains.”

Vaughn’s search for the best brewing grain is never-ending. He’s constantly shopping for everything from barley, wheat, and rye to millet and buckwheat that’s a cut above. “Poor quality grain means poor quality beer,” explains Vaughn. “I’m very selective and you can taste the difference.”

Head Brewer Nick Vaughn with fresh bags of high-quality grain Head Brewer Nick Vaughn with fresh bags of high-quality grain

The scent of fresh grain fills the air at MCBC The scent of fresh grain fills the air at MCBC

martin city brewing company distillery The grain silo at Martin City Brewing Company

Martin City Brewing Company’s head brewer loves the local appeal of the beer he crafts with the help of his team of six specialists. It’s almost as important to him as the quality of the beer itself. “The grain program is just another reason to feel good about our beer. You know our grain is going full circle, through another local business and back into our Pub.”

“I’m really proud of the partnership,” adds Carr. “Our Pub is going to have a terrific year with some exciting ideas. Our grain program is a sign of more great things to come.”

Congratulations Martin City Original Pub team! We look forward to your beer, your beef, and your ambition to build on the success of a landmark neighborhood restaurant. Cheers!

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