Security Program Now FREE For All Martin City Businesses!

Security Program Now FREE For All Martin City Businesses!

The Martin City CID Board recently voted to cover all security program costs for businesses located in Martin City!

“Security must be Martin City’s number one priority. If the public perception of our District is negative because crime reports are high, any positive momentum we’ve generated will decimate.”

Howard Barewin, Owner, Volleyball Beach

The Martin City Community Improvement District has an annual contract with Orion Security Inc. to provide security patrol services within our District boundaries between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM daily. During those hours, security officers monitor businesses for suspicious activity and when necessary, contact the business owner and/or Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department for assistance.

In the past, businesses have paid an annual fee to be a part of the security program to help cover a portion of the costs, however, the CID Board of Directors recently voted to cover ALL costs of the security program and will provide the Enhanced Security Service to ALL businesses located within our District boundaries. View Boundary Map>>

Enhanced security service means an Orion security officer will enter your property and make sure everything is secure. They look for open doors, unlocked gates, broken windows, and suspicious vehicles or individuals on your property. If doors are found open or unlocked, the officer will exit their vehicle and make sure the door is closed and locked, if possible.

Orion officers can also respond to alarm calls during patrol hours. If they feel it’s something you should be aware of or if they have questions regarding suspicious activity on your property, the Orion dispatcher will contact you directly. Kansas City, Missouri Police Department will also be called if police assistance is needed.


To enroll your business in the CID’s Security Program, please complete the Security Enrollment Form (link provided below.) Make sure to list ALL property addresses you want enrolled in the program. We will send your information to Orion and your service will begin once it’s received.

If you have questions about the security program, please contact the Martin City CID District Manager, Vickie Wolgast, at 816.308.1023 or [email protected].

Protect Your Property!

Please check your business each night before leaving, secure all doors and gates, and ensure your property is adequately lit. If you plan a nighttime activity that’s not typical for your property, PLEASE ALERT ORION SECURITY in advance!

Security Company Information:
Orion Security Inc.
5600 W. 95th St., #315, Overland Park, KS 66207
PH: 913-385-5657 [email protected]