Martin City Offers Private Security Program To CID Businesses

Martin City Offers Private Security Program To CID Businesses

Orion Security has an officer patrolling the Martin City Community District every night between 6 PM and 5 AM, and from 9 PM to 2 AM, two Orion officers are on duty keeping an eye on Martin City. They monitor all participating CID businesses and properties for suspicious activity, unlocked doors and gates, vandalism, and more, and when necessary, they contact KCPD for assistance.

All businesses and property owners within the Martin City CID boundaries may participate in the Security Program and have the option of enrolling in a fee-based Basic or Enhanced Security package.

Why Enroll? Since launching this program, we’ve seen a significant decline in the number and types of criminal and nuisance incidents. It’s affordable, practical, and it keeps our properties safe.

Here’s what CID members say about the security program after they enrolled:

“Before Martin City implemented a security program, we had at least one break-in, or attempted break-in, every 90 days. Once we enrolled our location in the program, patrols started and we haven’t had an issue for several years.” Steve Okenfuss, Owner, Reno’s Powersports KC

“Security must be Martin City’s number one priority. If the public perception of our District is negative because crime reports are high, any positive momentum we’ve generated will decimate (i.e. Bannister Mall). Howard Barewin, Owner, Volleyball Beach

KCPD’s South Patrol Division has been working to solve crime in South Kansas City by involving everyone in our community. “If we make a bigger effort to get to know our neighbors, we may be able to prevent some of these problems from coming into the area in the first place,” says Officer Aaron Whitehead, one of two officers assigned as our CID Community Officers.

He recommends keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior and asks that we report anything strange, even if it seems small. We’re even told to secure our trash areas because people hide in the bins, or pick through them to find personal information for identity theft and various other crimes.

Martin City is lucky to have a strong relationship with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department and we’re even luckier to have officers like Mary McCall and Aaron Whitehead assigned to our CID. However, as much as we love them, we also know they’re responsible for a much larger demographic! This is why the Martin City CID provides businesses and property owners within our district boundaries specially priced private security options.

MCCID Security Packages:

Basic Service: Orion Security officers will circulate throughout the district between 6:00 PM and 5:00 AM viewing participating properties and suspicious activities from the street. When needed, they may also contact the Kansas City, Missouri Police/Fire Department for immediate assistance.

Enhanced Service: Orion Security officers will patrol through parking lots and around the exterior of the enrolled building(s), subject to fencing or locked gates. Should the officer observe suspicious activity, he/she will get out of their vehicle to investigate and contact Orion Dispatch requesting notification to the property representative and/or the property/business owner’s security company.

Construction sites may be enrolled in the Enhanced Security Program, however, the security officer may limit patrols on the property based on site conditions. Additionally, if an active construction site is enrolled in the Enhanced Security Program, you may designate a contractor responsible for the site as the after-hours contact(s). Please remember to update the property records when the project is complete and permanent contacts are assigned.

Security Program Enrollment

If your business or property is within the MCCID boundaries and you are interested in enrolling (or renewing) your security program package, please contact the Martin City CID District Manager.

Protect Your Property!

Please check your business each night before leaving, secure all doors and gates, and ensure your property is adequately lit. If you plan a nighttime activity that’s not typical for your property, PLEASE ALERT ORION SECURITY in advance!

Security Company Information:
Orion Specialists, LLC

5600 W. 95th St., #315, Overland Park, KS 66207
PH: 913-385-5657 [email protected]