We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Activity at the Corner of Wornall and 135th Street:

The construction crew is completing a new retaining wall on the northwest corner of Wornall and 135th Street. New utility boxes will be installed behind the wall.

Street Lights and Traffic Signals:

The majority of the new metal street lights poles should have been installed by the end of August. Any remaining lights will be installed by the middle of September as sidewalks are finished by the contractor. In the middle of September, the new traffic signal at Wornall and 135th Street will be turned on and set to flash for a couple of days. Shortly thereafter, the light will start working full time.

Sidewalk Work and New Street Surface:

J.M. Fahey’s crew is finishing setting and pouring sidewalks within Phase 2. Alongside of Fahey’s crew is Rosehill Gardens teams working to install brick pavers between the curb and sidewalk in various locations. In late September new hanging basket poles will be installed in Phase 2 as well. Some additional landscaping elements will be installed throughout this phase of construction over the next nine months.

The current schedule anticipates pouring the new street surface the end of September or the first of October!

Completion Date:

Subject to weather, the projected completion date for Phase 2 construction is the first week of October. To refresh our memories, Phase 2’s construction project included the installation of a new 66” stormwater drainage system, the replacement of the 12” water main, the construction of new curbs, sidewalks and driveways, the installation of new street lights and a traffic signal, and the construction of a new road surface. THANK YOU, J.M. Fahey for working to keep traffic flowing along 135th Street and keeping individual businesses open during construction!

On Wednesday evening, August 24th, Martin City CID staff made a presentation to the Public Infrastructure Advisory Committee (PIAC) requesting funds for Phase 3 of 135th Street public improvements project (Wornall Road to Highway 150). If PIAC recommends to the City Council and City Manager the funding for Phase 3 of 135th Street public improvements project, construction of Phase 3 would not commence until 2018.