Martin City has gone GREEN!

Martin City has gone GREEN!

The business community in Martin City, Missouri has made a collaborative effort to invest their resources in finding the most efficient ways to green their companies.

“We want to let residents, visitors, and potential customers know that Martin City businesses are about more than just profit,” said Vickie Wolgast, Martin City CID District Manager.  Many are taking steps to make their workplaces environmentally friendly by using materials and operational methods that are less harmful to the environment.

From small to large, here are some of the things our businesses (and schools!) are doing to GO GREEN!

RENO’S POWERSPORTS recycles batteries, tires, oil, steel crates, tons of cardboard (new motorcycles come in wrapped in cardboard), plastic, ink toners, shop towels and everything else they can!

VOLLEYBALL BEACH recycles an entire dumpster of cans every week during their volleyball season.  That’s a LOT of beer!

SUBURBAN LAWN AND GARDEN has aluminum can and plastic recycling in the break rooms at all their locations for employees use.  All pots can be brought to their pot recycling area next to the soil depot at their Martin City location.  They do not have to be the heavy plastic pots as 4” pots are deposited, as well.  They also “recycle”  tree stakes.  Used tree stakes are offered at a significant discount to the public and to their contractors.

JACK STACK is in the process of transitioning their lighting to more energy efficient lighting.  The remodel in Overland Park featured all new energy-efficient fixtures. Jack Stack also contributes to many charities, including Harvesters, Hope Faith Ministries, Catholic Charities, City Union Mission, Seton Center and many more.

ROOMS THAT BLOOM is just now going green by converting their mailing list into an email list!  Remember, every little bit counts:)

MIDWEST HEATING COOLING & PLUMBING recovers and recycles thousands of pounds of refrigerant every year. They also recycle tons of metal from old furnaces, air conditioners, and ductwork. They scrap and recycle the copper from all of the old coils, air conditioners, and refrigerant lines.

ROSEHILL GARDENS recycles everything they can! They have an underground water retention tank at our 135th St. location which we use to recycle water.  At their farm location in Belton, they collect water in ponds and use that water to water all of their plant material.  They are looking at a filtration system to become completely self-reliant and get completely off of city water. All grass clipping, leaves, etc. get composted and reused as a soil compost mix.  All dead trees and anything woody gets run through a tub grinder and made into mulch.  Rosehill has done several green roofs and is expecting to do a green roof sometime over the next couple months for UMB bank downtown.  We also planted a green wall for A.L. Huber’s main office right off of 435 and State Line.

MC BREWING COMPANY uses dimmers on most of their lighting and CFL’s for any of the bright lights. Their main focus, as far as being green, is centered around driving local business.  They put a lot of emphasis and energy into promoting local products.  For example, we sell coffee from the Roasterie (downtown K.C.), Clear 10 Vodka (Olathe, Kansas), 360 Eco-Friendly Vodka (bottled in re-usable bottles in Weston, MO),  our in-house Ketch-uh’-p (Manufactured and bottled in Kansas City), Dark Horse Distillery (Lenexa, KS), (Kick Energy Candy (Olathe, Kansas), as well as local beers including Boulevard (K.C.), Tallgrass (Manhattan, KS), Freestate (Lawrence, KS), 4Hand (St. Louis, MO), Civil-Life (STL, MO),  These are just a few of the local companies they use.

EAGLES GYMNASTICS uses a completely safe and green cleaning company (Magic Touch) to keep harmful toxic cleaners away from their precious kids taking classes.  They also recycle paper products and recently switched out all lighting in the gym to more eco-friendly ballasts and bulbs. When the outside temps are pleasant, they open windows and don’t use a/c or heat unless needed.

JESS and JIM’S STEAKHOUSE recycles all their paper and cardboard products, as well as printer ink and toners.  They are HUGE supporters of the buy local movement, purchasing more than 90% of their products from local businesses and farmers.  They are currently in the process of setting up glass recycling for all their glass wine and beer bottles.

MMC CONTRACTORS embraced the USGBC LEED program back in 2005 when their first project manager achieved his LEED AP accreditation. They now have 27 LEED AP’s on staff in all phases of their business. As a mechanical contractor, they provide clients with tools to help them evaluate their own buildings energy efficiency through Energy Audits; and, when renovating or constructing new buildings, they provide knowledge to help them select the best and most energy-efficient plumbing and HVAC equipment to help with their future energy costs.

When they designed and constructed their existing building in 2006, they incorporated many concepts of energy efficient design including large windows and open office configurations for daylighting; automatic sensors in light switches in interior rooms, restrooms, etc., lower flow faucets and toilets, exterior plantings including a rain garden to help divert some of the run-off from the roof.

In the operation of their business and on job sites, they actively recycle paper, plastic, cans and other scrap metals. They recycle e-waste such as toner cartridges and old computers as well. Large bottled water dispensers rather than bottled water is provided for employees.  MMC has also implemented flex fuel and/or lower horsepower vehicles whenever possible!

Sidelines recycles all of their flower stems and leaves and all cardboard and store catalogs as well.

HANGERS CLEANERS is one of Kansas City’s most eco-friendly dry cleaners!  They use no chemicals in their cleaning process and they are the only cleaner in Kansas or Missouri using CO2, which is considered the most environmentally friendly cleaning method available. They also use SolvonK4, the latest in cleaning technology, and a very effective cleaner also considered to be environmentally friendly.

YOU can be a “green” company too!  If you are in the Martin City area, please let us know what your company is doing on our Facebook Page!