Welcome Honeywell Employees!

Welcome Honeywell Employees!

On January 23, 2013, the NNSA’s Honeywell plant in Kansas City will begin the complex task of moving manufacturing, laboratory and office equipment from its current location at the Bannister Federal Complex to a newly constructed National Security Campus eight miles south at Botts Road and 150 Highway in South Kansas City.  The move will involve approximately 2,800 pieces of large capital equipment and over 40,000 moving crates filling approximately 2,600 semi-truck loads.  Not to mention the more than 2500 employees who will be moving in, many of them visiting Martin City for the first time.

Here is the timeline:

  • Moving in 8 phases
  • Starting Jan. 23, 1200 employees will relocate
  • It will ease off about May – By Aug. 2013 all 2500 will have moved in

Personnel Count:

  • 2500 employees
  • In addition, there are 50 NNSA personnel as well as 200 contractors
  • Outside contract workers come from out of town often (hence the need for short-term lease apartments/condos or hotels in our area!)


  • 75% male (1000 engineers and scientists)
  • 2/3 salaried (of which ½ are engineers)
  • 1/3 hourly workers
  • Bi-modal:  50 years old and above; 35 years old and below
  • Many live in Overland Park (there could be 1000 employees coming daily from the west across 135th St./Hwy 150 to the campus)

Welcome to Martin City, Missouri Honeywell!