Can a product’s packaging influence whether or not you buy it? According to KJB Packaging Solutions in Martin City, packaging absolutely affects buying decisions.

“People want to have an experience with a product and learn its story when they see it on a shelf,” said Jacob Burlin, principal at KJB Packaging Solutions. “We help businesses bring their products to life in 3D.”

KJB Packaging Solutions

Burlin’s parents, Kevin and Janelle Burlin combined Kevin’s 30 years of packaging experience with Janelle’s 30 years of business experience to create KJB Packaging in 2012. They initially focused on industrial, pharmaceutical, and food industry packaging but in 2014, when Jacob left his engineering job to join the family business, he saw potential in offering more customized solutions.

“We are passionate about helping companies improve their sales by improving how they package their products,” said Jacob. “We enjoy helping them find unique ways to tell their stories with packaging, and frequently tell them, ‘If you can dream it, we will help you package it!’”

In early 2017, KJB Packaging Solutions had outgrown their Olathe facility, so the Burlins began exploring larger facilities. Lucky for Martin City, a warehouse on Wyandotte Street owned by Peterson Manufacturing caught their eye!  With plenty of room for existing operations and additional room to add services like co-packing, the Martin City warehouse turned out to be the perfect place for KJB Packaging Solutions to grow.

KJB Packaging Solutions Martin City MO Warehouse

KJB Packaging Solutions Martin City remodel

KJB said the inside of the building hadn’t been updated in 30 years so Peterson Manufacturing encouraged them to gut and remodel the entire space. “We worked our regular jobs during the day and spent evenings and weekends on construction,” said Jacob. “It was a team effort, and now we’ve created a space everyone is proud of.”

Since moving into the warehouse, KJB opened a new co-packing division with the capacity to fill 5,000 pounds of coffee each day. Their packaged coffee designs are now delivered locally and shipped all over the world, and they’ve even had a shipment go to Kandahar, Afghanistan!

KJB Packaging Co Packing Coffee

In Martin City, Suburban Lawn & Garden offers customers KJB’s packaged coffee at their Martin City garden store, and those awesome cardboard cases holding cans of Martin City Brewing Company’s craft beer? You guessed it. KJB Packaging Solutions was behind those designs too!

KJB Packaging Martin City Brewing Company Beer

We’re thrilled KJB Packaging Solutions has found a happy home in Martin City and look forward to supporting their growth in our district. To learn more about them, please visit their website.

Address: 3621 Wyandotte Street, KC, MO 64141
Phone: 844-999-2500