Work Along 135th Street- New traffic lights at Wornall Road have been installed and new sidewalks can be seen throughout the district. So how much is left to do? While many of you have heard the entire project will be completed in August, unfortunately, this statement is not correct. In August, we will see the following work underway:

  • Construction of a retaining wall at the northwest corner of Wornall Road and 135th Street.
  • Installation of electricity to the new traffic light. The traffic signal is scheduled to be functioning in September.
  • Installation of new metal street light poles and lights along 135th Street.
  • Continued construction of improvements at the intersection of 135th Street and Oak Street.
  • Installation of brick pavers between the curb and sidewalk in specific sections of the construction zone.

Subject to weather conditions and the completion of August items, the final layer of asphalt on 135th Street, Wornall Road, and Oak Street is scheduled for September.

Please drive 25 mph in the construction zones…

and pay attention.

Pot Holes-The Martin City CID tries very hard to keep everyone updated on construction activities related to the public improvement project.  Should you observe a pot hole or other road conditions, separate from the work being done along 135th Street, needing to be repaired, please submit those requests to the City of Kansas City, Mo 311 Action Center.  The requests can be filed electronically using this link or can be called in at (816) 513-1311.