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O’Reilly Auto Group

O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. opened their first auto parts store in November 1957 in Springfield, Missouri, and 62 years later, their legacy continues in Martin City! Here’s how O’Reilly Auto Parts was born… 

Michael O’Reilly immigrated to America from Ireland in 1849 to escape the terrible potato famine. His son, Charles F. O’Reilly, attended college in St. Louis and went to work in 1914 as a traveling salesman for Fred Campbell Auto Supply. By 1932, Charles was the manager of Link Motor Supply in Springfield. and one of his sons, Chub O’Reilly, had also joined the company.

In 1957, Link planned a reorganization, which the O’Reilly’s did not agree with, so they decided to form their own company, O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. They opened for business in Springfield, Missouri on December 2, 1957, with one store and 13 employees.

By 1961, the company’s volume had reached $1.3 million, which included the combined volume of O’Reilly Automotive Distributors, a division formed to serve independent automotive dealers in the area. In March of 1975, annual sales volume rose to $7 million, and a 52,000-square-foot facility was built for O’Reilly/Ozark warehouse operations. The company now had nine stores, all located in southwest Missouri.

By late 1992, the O’Reilly family decided to take their thriving company public. The initial public offering was sold under the symbol ORLY on the NASDAQ for $17.50 per share. (On December 6, 2018, the stock was selling for $338 per share!) The O’Reilly’s also created an employee stock purchase plan so full-time team members could become part of the company. 

The following year the company began to remodel stores to conform to a standardized design featuring better lighting, increased parking, higher ceilings, and separate counters for professional installers. By December 2007, O’Reilly Automotive was operating 1,687 stores and 14 distribution centers and in June 2010, the company opened a new, 115,000 square foot Corporate Office in Springfield, MO to accommodate 650 team members.

In December 2017, O’Reilly Automotive, Inc.(NASDAQ: ORLY) celebrated 60 years in the auto parts business with more than 75,000 team members in 47 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. They’ve become one of the largest specialty retailers of automotive parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories in the U.S. and we’re thrilled to have a store opening in Martin City in January 2019!

O’Reilly Auto Parts In-Store Services

  • Alternator & Starter Testing – Free
  • Battery Testing – Free
  • Check Engine Light Testing – Free
  • Fluid & Battery Recycling – Free
  • Wiper Blade & Bulb Installation – Free
  • Drum & Rotor Resurfacing
  • Custom Paint Mixing
  • Custom-Built Hydraulic Hoses
  • Loaner Tool Program
  • Starter System Testing

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