Construction Martin City

Big Thanks to J.M. Fahey and Rosehill Gardens! Their crews worked really quickly along 135th Street to clean up and prepare the construction zone for the 4th Annual Whiskey Run 5K Race and 29th Annual Irishpalooza St. Patrick’s Parade.

April’s construction schedule includes the completion of the installation of stormwater drainage pipes and the water main line.  Between April 6th and April 21st, the contractor will be working on the installation of a stormwater pipe south of 135th Street along a short part of  Oak Street. Oak Street will remain open during construction but traffic may incur short term delay to allow for the cutting of the street and placement of the pipe.

Once the contractor completes the installation of all the pipes, they will prepare for the construction of sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.  At all times, 135th Street will remain open for traffic. From time to time, temporary lane closures could occur to allow for the moving of equipment and materials.

For more information on the 135th Street Construction project, please visit our community construction page on our website.