Phase 1 – 135th Street Public Improvement Project 

July will be a busy month for construction activity along 135th Street within Phase 1 of the public improvement project. (The work should not impact traffic flow along 135th Street.)  The City’s contractor will be finishing up odds and ends on the City’s construction punch list.  All work is subject to weather permitting. This work includes the re-striping of the street and on-street parking stalls between Cherry Street and Oak Street.

In addition to the City’s contractors, the Martin City CID will have contractors working between Cherry Street and Oak Street installing 15 foot high hanging basket poles along the public right-of-way (between curb and sidewalk). Ten unlighted poles will be placed throughout this section of 135th Street and will display hanging baskets grown by Rosehill Gardens.

In late July, the CID’s contractor will be back out to finish the installation of brick pavers within the public right-of-way between the street and sidewalk.  The pavers will replace sod and gravel.  At this time, pavers are not being installed on private property.

Phase 2 Construction

Phase 2 improvements include the installation of a new stormwater drainage system, replacement of the old 12” water main in this section, construction of curbs and sidewalks, installation of a traffic signal at Wornall Road and 135th Street, installation of new street lights, construction of on-street parking, and new street surfacing. City staff is working with the current City Council to select a contractor for Phase 2 work by July 23rd.  The construction schedule anticipates work beginning in the Fall of 2015.

Phase 3 Construction

The Martin City CID will be asking the City’s Public Improvements Advisory Committee to consider the recommendation of providing the City’s public works department an estimated $3.8 million to finish Phase 3 of the 135th Street Public Improvements Project (Wornall Road to M-150).  Phase 3  includes the installation of a new stormwater drainage system, construction of curbs and sidewalks, installation of new street lights to match Phase 1 and 2, replacement of the old 12” water main, and new street surfacing.  If funds were approved for the construction of Phase 3, work would begin in early 2017.

For more information on the 135th Street improvements, please click here.