Construction Update – June 2014

QuikTrip – Holmes/Blue Ridge Blvd
Construction of the additional pumps will be finished in mid-June. The new store will have a total of 22 pumps upon completion of construction.


Former Commerce Bank Building
The property owner is working on the building so it can efficiently operate a deli/sandwich shop. Opening date is unknown at this time.


Water Improvements
Blue Nile has completed the installation of a new water main along 135th Street between Holmes and Oak.  Starting June 4th through June 13th Blue Nile will connect individual property water service lines to the new water main. Property owners will be contacted by the contractor regarding any temporary water shut off necessary to finish the connection of these lines.  The old water line will be abandoned once service to all properties along Phase 1 is fully functioning.

Road Construction
On June 4th, Blue Nile started the construction of the new street surface along the northern portion of 135th  street between Holmes and Oak Street. This work includes tearing out the old street surface and subsurface, constructing gutters and curbs, and constructing new street subsurface and surface. Subject to weather conditions cooperating, the north side of 135th Street is anticipated to be completed by the end of June.

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