The Dental Care Center of South Kansas City offers a variety of general and preventive services for patients of all ages. They love seeing children starting at around age 3 because this early age allows them to get a head start on their preventive treatment.

Services include dental sealants, mouthguards, non surgical gum disease treatment, restorative solutions aimed at repairing and replacing teeth, dental crowns, bridges, dentures, dental implants, root canal therapy, and more. They also offer full-mouth reconstruction for patients who have extensive damage and need a complete overhaul.

Dr. Gregory Stiver owns the practice and has been practicing in Martin City for over 35 years. The business has grown to include state-of-the-art equipment and 17 people ranging from hygienists and dental assistants to office staff and even a few new dentists. The size of the team makes it one of the larger dental practices you’ll ever come across. It’s popular too, and Stiver makes a point of sharing the credit.

“The people who work here are the number one reason we’re successful,” says Dr. Stiver. “I’ve been very selective over the years in choosing the right people for our culture. Now we have a crew that are experts at staying completely focused on our patients at every level. We get so many glowing reviews and that means everything to me,” adds Stiver. “People actually look forward to coming here. That says it all.”

It’s true, you can’t help but love the feel of the Dental Care Center. Calming colors, images and messages are everywhere. Treat yourself to a cup of freshly brewed coffee, take a seat in a cushy chair in front of a big screen TV or surf a little on free WiFi. All the amenities along with a soft environment complete with scented candles are an invitation to relax. You might think you’re closer to a spa than a dentist’s chair.

“It’s not just a nice touch. It literally attracts customers,” says Dr. Weber, one of the dentists hired in 2019. “I’ve heard directly from patients. Like, a mother will bring her daughter in for an appointment, take a look around and say, ‘Can I be a patient here?’ It happens all the time.”

Calming sedation techniques pick up where the calming atmosphere leaves off. Dr. Stiver is an expert at sedation. He says he started focusing on it about 15 years ago to help extreme anxiety cases that prevent some people from ever seeing a dentist.

They offer several levels of sedation from very mild forms to intravenous that’s commonly associated with surgery.

Stiver is constantly refining his sedation expertise and earns recertification regularly. He says sedation combined with a relaxing environment and a friendly staff creates a whole new perception of dental care.

“About four in ten people are afraid of seeing a dentist. We’re working to change that and we believe we’re making a real difference.”

To learn more about the Dental Care Center of South Kansas City, please visit their website.

Address: 325 E. 135th Street, KC, MO 64145
Phone: 816-941-7788