You’ll rarely come across a retail boutique with more old prairie charm than Gilded Lily. Built in 1905, the house sits on one of the original lots owned by local liquor entrepreneur, Edward Lowe-Martin. Yep — that Edward Martin, the inspiration for our community’s name.

The two-story house is rich in history and owner Debbie Beachner couldn’t have chosen a better environment for the unique blend of antiques, fine china, playful figurines, nostalgic accents, and refined culinary treats sold at the Gilded Lily.

Gilded Lily owner Debbie Beachner

Gilded Lily owner Debbie Beachner

inside gilded lily martin city

Inside the Gilded Lily in Martin City

Beachner painstakingly arranges every display, from the basement, porch, and kitchen to the upstairs bedrooms, drawing inspiration from each room in the house’s long legacy. Take a peek inside>>

History of the House

The Gilded Lily house sits on one of the original lots owned by E.L. Martin, founder of the town of Tilden (now Martin City). In 1945, Ralph and Evelyn Hopkins purchased the home for $7,000 and lived there until 2003.

In the video below, Katie Hopkins, daughter of Ralph and Evelyn Hopkins, shares childhood memories of her life in the house from the room that was once her old bedroom.

Read more about the history of the Gilded Lily house in the Martin City Telegraph.

Gilded-Lily-vintage boutique kansas city

Gilded Lily
612 E. 135th Street, KC, MO 64145