Margarita’s Martin City pioneered authentic Mexican food in the Kansas City area, featuring homemade salsa (available in grocery stores across the Midwest) and of course, a variety of signature margarita drinks. They’ve provided catering services to Chiefs fans at the Pavilion and Wolfpack club since 1998, and have been a frequent go-to for Royals players since 1991.

How did Margarita’s get started? When childhood friends Dave Quirarte Jr. and Ron Abarcas were night shift workers at a local car production plant, they began making and selling burritos to their fellow workers. After finishing their shift, they would dive deeper into their passion, making more and more burritos for the next day’s shift workers. Their batch of 50 burritos would sell out every day and by the end of the first month, they were selling 300 per day.

They opened their first Margarita’s Amigos branded restaurant in October 1985 with an established clientele cheering their classic style burritos. Larry Gromer later joined the enterprise and still operates it today as CEO. There are now five Margarita’s Amigos restaurants in the Kansas City metro area and Martin City is home to one of them!


Margarita’s banquet room in Martin City has available seating for up to 75 guests. Reserve seating for parties, please call: (816) 326-7421.

Address: 13401 Holmes Road, KC, MO 64146
Phone: 816-326-7421
Website: Margaritas Restaurant

Crafting tacos is an art at Margarita’s South.