Martin City Construction Progress…. PLEASE EXCUSE OUR MESS!

After years of designing, seeking funding and just plain tenacity, Martin City will see the start of improvements along 135th St. from Holmes Road to Hwy. 150.  Once all of the construction is completed (3 years), Martin City will be beautiful with street curbing, new sidewalks, parallel parking spaces, decorative benches & trash receptacles, street banners and possibly even hanging plants.  A whole new look!  


The bid is out for Phase 1 from St. from Holmes Road to Oak Street

The City of KCMO has issued the bid to all interested construction companies for work to be completed on 1/3 of 135th St. from Holmes Road to the east side of Oak St.:

You have been invited to view the following job(s) by:
Department: General Services
Job(s): Projec No. 89008020 135th Street Improvements – Phase 1 Oak Street to Holmes Road Contract CS140002

Username: [email protected]
Password: Coolkids2

If you have questions, please contact the project manager listed next to each project above. If no project manager is listed, please contact Brian Hernandez.

All bids due by July 16th

In the meantime, the CID has met with the KCMO Project Manager for 135th St., Damon Hodges, and stressed how we want an effective working relationship with the city with plenty of communication.

There will be lanes open the entire time! 

Martin City customers and local residents will be able to travel east and west at all times accessing all our businesses along 135th St.  When completed it will be ultra-pedestrian friendly and allow MC-CID to plan some outdoor “street festival” type events around 3rd Thursdays.

Funding for Phase 2 – Oak St. to the east side of Wornall Road

Funding for Phase 2 has been approved.  Mayor Sly James and the City Council have approved $925,000 for construction funding in the FY Budget 2013-14.  This will be added to an additional $1,000,000 of PIAC funding and enable us to complete design work and hopefully begin construction in the spring of 2014.

Coping with Construction

We will be video-taping the construction progress and interviewing our workers who will be with us for months at a time.  How about a “Dirtiest Car Contest” on Facebook as well with a big car wash prize?  For sure we want to hear your “construction stories” and we will have frequent updates on this Blog.

Your patience is appreciated and will be rewarded!