construction martin city

Please pardon the mess along 135th Street between Wornall Road and Oak Street! April’s rain has made a real mess…. the price to pay for progress!

Driver Alert!!! Temporary asphalt is being poured to shift traffic north. Traffic will soon be shifted to keep access available as the construction crew demolishes sections of the asphalt between Wornall Road and Oak Street. The demolition work is being done in preparation for a new street surface, as well as construction of curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. All driveways will be accessible but some may have temporary materials put down until the permanent asphalt is placed along 135th Street.

The construction crew is working diligently to finish the installation of the stormwater main. A specific date in May will be set in coordination with the businesses along south Oak Street when a section of south Oak Street will be limited to one lane in order to finish tying in all pieces of the stormwater system. Please remember to keep your speed down and be alert while driving in the construction zone!

Find complete details of the 135th Construction project on our construction page.