Senior Living Community Ready to Make Local Friends.

Just across Highway 150 at Wyandotte Street, along Martin City’s southwest side, residents of The Madison Senior Living are settling in and looking to explore. The field that sat vacant near Premier Mazda is the site of their new sprawling campus stretching out over 156,000 square feet.

Looking east on Wyandotte Street toward Highway 150 and The Madison (left)

Built by O’Reilly Development and managed by Arrow Senior Living, a St. Louis area company, The Madison has already attracted dozens of seniors and hundreds more are expected to move in. 150 apartments are nestled into three ‘neighborhoods’ ranging from highly-independent to highly-supported living.

“Continuum of care is a very high priority here,” explains Executive Director Jess Ayres. “Once you move in, you continue to get the support you need as you age and manage your health. Our caregivers get to know you, and our goal is to take care of you without interruption as the years pass.”

‘Aging in place’ as it’s known, offers the ongoing stability of a community built around you, from medical and dental services to exercise and entertainment. Take a tour and you’ll discover The Madison feels like home, while at the same time featuring amenities that might make you feel a little bit like you’re on vacation. 

“It’s often a huge decision to leave the house you’ve been living in for decades and move into a communal environment. We don’t take that lightly,” says Ayres, showing us around on a sunny summer afternoon. “Everything we offer, from the friendly people we hand-pick to work here, to the fun events we organize, reflects our overall commitment to our seniors’ quality of life.”

A spacious dining room with a bistro nearby that also offers meals to go.

A brand new indoor pool in addition to an adjacent exercise room.

Comfy movie watching in the theater room plus a popcorn machine.

The Madison Senior Living

Relationships Over Price Points.

The Madison has been open since the fall of 2020, but pandemic restrictions have severely limited its potential until recently. Now residents and staff are stretching their legs and discovering the unique sense of community designed at the center of The Madison’s culture. Ayres’ eyes light up when she talks about how times are finally changing.

“We’re just so happy to begin normalizing the good life we want to create here. The chance to really engage our residents and work shoulder to shoulder with our staff is the main reason I work here. It’s my motivation. I love seeing our community coming together and enjoying each other. I knew we’d get to this point and I’m just delighted. We all are.”

Ayres seems exactly right for her leadership role. She’s been taking care of seniors since she was 18 years old back home in Wyoming. Since then she’s earned a Master’s Degree and is recognized as an experienced, talented professional in the field. Ayres never planned to make a career in senior living, but the reality is she’s a natural, and people like her willing to champion incredibly important work like this are not easy to find.

“I think my personality is just a good fit. I really value the friendships I share with residents and staff. And I’m excited about the sense of community we’re building.”

Jess Ayres is the Executive Director of The Madison Senior Living.

You won’t see The Madison advertising on television or hanging flashy banners promoting aggressive pricing strategies. The Madison attracts residents by simply showing them around and paying careful attention to who they are, what they need, and what they want.

“We’re very grassroots,” says Ayres. “One-on-one relationships drive our business. Our focus on working closely with each potential resident to make sure we’re a good match, sets us apart, I think.”

You can certainly find other senior living businesses around town that also offer dining, exercise and entertainment amenities. But what’s not as common is an emphasis on earning residents one at a time. At The Madison, it can begin with a phone call, a walk-in tour or most commonly, word of mouth.

“We invite seniors to personally try us out. Come in and taste the food, join us for an event and take a close look at our apartments” explains Ayres, waving down the hall to a smiling member of the cleaning crew. “We don’t wait for that to happen after they move in. We do it upfront to give them a full understanding so they can make a well-informed decision. I think that’s why people who come here are likely to stay here.”

Warm, spacious comfort in every new apartment.

The Madison Senior Living.

Community Connections.

The decision to locate The Madison right next to Martin City is no accident. Research shows a growing senior population in the area. Retirees are settling on both sides of the state line and actively connecting with each other. Ayres says fostering a feeling of community among seniors is central to what The Madison is all about.

“I think a lot of times people have no idea what senior living is. They imagine a nursing home that’s very sterile and very clinical, and that’s just not true here. We’re a thriving community looking to fit into the greater community around us and do things everyone else does, whether it’s shopping, eating or just having fun.”

Patio dining and views right outside your apartment at The Madison.

Trips are being organized to allow residents to run errands and do things that complement their communal lifestyle. The Madison offers everything from food to healthcare on site, but exploring the larger neighborhood still has its own appeal.

“Who doesn’t love meeting for a meal or taking a stroll on a nice day? Martin City is right over there and such a nice place to visit,” says Ayres. “For example, we have a resident who considers herself a master gardener. She likes to take trips to Suburban Lawn & Garden with other residents just to look around. It gives her a sense of purpose and it’s a great connection to Martin City.”

The Madison shuttle bus ready to go and just minutes away from Martin City’s main drag.

Ayres says the more she learns about Martin City, the more she likes it. The diversity of businesses represents rich opportunities for her residents to discover and do more. “Point out just about any business in Martin City and I could probably, off the top of my head, tell you how we can partner with them.”

Martin City, Missouri

Maybe Martin City Brewing Company could help with Happy Hours at The Madison, a currently unsponsored event already very popular with residents. Could a simple catering plan introduce residents to Martin City restaurants? What about discounts and specials at retail and service shops? “We’re always interested in new ideas that benefit our residents,” says Ayres. “Partnerships are part of any healthy community.”

They certainly are, Jess. And we want you to know all of us in Martin City are excited about our new neighbor. While we realize 135th Street is a bit too far for a walk, we look forward to seeing your shuttle bus around as The Madison community grows along with Martin City. Welcome to the neighborhood!