The Martin City Community Improvement District (MCCID) has partnered with Orion Security, Inc. (OSI) for over a decade to help keep our neighborhood safe. Kansas City Missouri Police patrol our streets during the day and OSI takes over at night between 8pm and 6am. Here are key facts every business owner should be aware of.

1. Orion Security Officers keep a close watch and make their presence known.

OSI Officers patrol in vehicles primarily, but react to situations on foot as necessary when they need to get a closer look. Vehicles are marked to clarify their identity and send a strong security message.

Photo courtesy OSI

2. They know Martin City well.

OSI Officers dispatched to Martin City are familiar with the neighborhood and some have been watching over the business community for years. Their long experience helps them quickly detect any activity that’s out of the ordinary.

3. Their patrol vehicles are equipped with cameras.

High tech mobile surveillance enables Officers to document what’s going on in Martin City during the overnight hours and provide real-time photos of individuals and/or suspicious vehicles they encounter.

4. The most common security threat is property crime.

OSI Officers say that’s been the story throughout their long tenure in Martin City and it’s a high priority during patrols.

5. Business owners can do a lot to reduce the threat.

Make sure basic security hardware around your property is always in good shape. Failed lighting, broken fencing, open gates, padlocks, doors, windows and other compromised physical barriers invite criminal activity. Diligence in maintaining your property goes a very long way in keeping it safe.

Keep gates, windows, doors and locks secure every single night.

6. The number one issue OSI Officers proactively engage is homelessness.

Officers are committed to treating each individual they encounter with dignity and respect. They’ve even developed good relationships with certain members of the homeless community in the area to support the flow of crime prevention information passed along to the MCCID and local businesses.

7. Communication is vital in preventing crime in the neighborhood.

The MCCID covers the cost of OSI services. All a MCCID business needs to do to take full advantage of this benefit is complete a basic form so that Officers can contact you quickly if necessary! If you haven’t yet completed the form, or updated it with current information, please contact the Martin City District Manager first at

OSI Dispatch will immediately call businesses about attempted theft, criminal trespassing, property damage, or other urgent matters. Businesses are also encouraged to email OSI Dispatch ( about suspicious activity during the day to maintain heightened awareness during overnight patrols.

8. MCCID Businesses can request extra help for employees.

You can ask for the presence of an OSI patrol vehicle to make your workers feel more comfortable walking to their own vehicles at night. Just call the OSI 24 hour dispatch line at 913-385-5657. You can also call to ask Officers to check into specific situations involving suspicious people, vehicles, or activity during regular patrol hours 8pm-6am.

9. OSI enjoys making a difference in Martin City.

Anytime an OSI Officer files a report regarding a security issue at a specific business, an email is sent to both the business and the MCCID. But OSI is also known for emailing businesses with any kind of information that may be helpful, ranging from concerns about lighting and locks to packages left outdoors.

OSI Operations Manager Patti Rentrop tells us that local business owners are great to work with and email communications have been “very rewarding.” She says OSI staff consider serving Martin City “a pleasure.” Patti handles all correspondence and you can contact her at

“They’re really good,” says Office Manager Brenda Lopez at Great Plains Drilling, Inc. “They’ve taken photos and emailed me about deliveries on our property, even on weekends. They really want to help.”

Thank you Orion Security, Inc. for helping Martin City stay safe and secure when the sun goes down!

Martin City, Missouri