Ozanam hosts plant sale in April

Ozanam hosts plant sale in April

It’s that time of year again to start buying flowers and plants for your garden! This year, why not consider shopping at the “Thyme for Kids” plant sale April 29th and 30th, 2016, at Ozanam right here in Martin City? Ozanam serves hundreds of youth each year. Staff members believe every child deserves to feel special and loved – however, Ozanam cannot help all of the youth they serve without support from the community. Volunteers and donors play an important role in their mission.

Since 1948, Ozanam has been offering care to those who need it most – kids. They are dedicated to serving hard-to-reach youth and young adults who are dealing with a variety of life challenges, including emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities. Ozanam provides a safe and nurturing environment so at-risk youth and young adults can become successful. Communities, where youth and young adults have hope, skills, and opportunities to live safely and successfully, realizing their full potential, is the ultimate goal.

In Ozanam’s Greenhouse, a horticulture therapist works with the kids year-round to teach them about horticulture. By learning to nurture other living things, students learn to care for themselves and within this group setting, students learn to take responsibility for their decisions.

There are a variety of plants available, including perennials, vegetable transplants, annuals, and herbs. The students are involved in the entire event. As a community, we know there are many ways we can help Ozanam support young people and one of those ways is by shopping at their annual plant sale.  

The event is last Friday and Saturday in April. The sale is open to the public, and all proceeds benefit Ozanam’s Horticultural Therapy Program. For more information about Ozanam and the “Thyme For Kids” plant sale, please visit Ozanam’s website at www.ozanam.com.