Pearce Construction Puts Solar Power To Good Use

There’s been a lot of talk about solar energy and how it can be implemented to help reduce energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Pearce Construction has entered into the renewable energy frontier and is poised to come out ahead through the installation of rooftop solar arrays. “We are the ideal ‘building owner’ for solar energy. The size of our building and the orientation is vital to see a fast return on the investment,” says Darin Heyen, President of Pearce Construction.

Utilizing the Missouri Solar Energy Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) Program which provided a $50k rebate from Kansas City Power & Light, Pearce is forecasted to see their return on investment within 2.2 years. “The perfect storm, really. The solar arrays will produce enough energy to cut our monthly bills in half, so the process of acquiring the rebate and installing the system was quite easy,” states Heyen.

brightergy panels pearce construction

After being approached by Brightergy, a renewable energy service provider, who showed Pearce the benefits of their solar array system, Pearce began investigating the installation process. Several major questions Heyen had for Brightergy included how will the rooftop panels affect the structure of the roof, where will the energy inverters reside and how will it look on the building? After meeting with a structural engineer who provided a complete diagram of the system Heyen’s worries were put to rest.

The self-ballasting array does not penetrate the roof structure which eliminates roof damage or leaking. This also alleviates major headaches when it comes time to re-roof the building in approximately 25 years, which the system is warrantied to be working at 90% by that time. The wiring of the system and energy inverters were placed inside the building with no worry of weather damage or vandalism. From the street, the panels are virtually invisible keeping the visual integrity of the office building. “It’s good you can’t see them from the street, but at the same time I wish you could see them because they have been such an asset to our building’s energy usage,” says Heyen, “We are not only talking sustainability to our clients, we are living it and doing it.”

Brightergy panels pearce construction

Pearce Construction firmly believes in their efforts to conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint on the environment, Brightergy, the state of Missouri and Kansas City Power & Light have enabled them to continue their efforts.

About Pearce Construction
Unique to the Kansas City area since 1953, Pearce Construction exudes construction excellence and is led by two influential men, Don Pearce and Darin Heyen. Their construction expertise, paired with architectural experience, has provided an unmatched list of clients that range from non-profit and faith-based organizations to commercial, financial, medical and more. Their range of project types includes new construction, building additions, and owner-occupied building renovations. Their experience tells a story of commitment, reputation, and expertise in the construction industry.

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