The South KC Chamber Will Manage The Martin City CID

We are thrilled to announce the South KC Chamber of Commerce (SKCC) has been hired to manage the Martin City Community Improvement District (MCCID)! South KC Chamber President Vickie Wolgast will serve as our District Manager under a managed services agreement between the SKCC and MCCID.

“I believe this will unify the entire South KC community and provide businesses new opportunities to work together,” said Wolgast. “We are combining resources to make a bigger impact in South Kansas City.”

vickie wolgast gary fish

Vickie Wolgast and Gary Fish at Fishtech Grand Opening

After 12 years with the SKCC, Wolgast is well-known for supporting Martin City and has an impeccable reputation for going above and beyond to help South KC businesses experience success.

She has been instrumental in moving the 135th Street Improvement Project forward and has been with us each time we’ve celebrated progress on another construction phase. Debbie VanNoy, owner of Jess and Jim’s Steakhouse and chair of the MCCID board said few people outside of the District know Martin City as well as Wolgast.

“Vickie has been with us since the earliest days of the MCCID so she knows our history and how our district operates,” said VanNoy. “We see this as an opportunity for both groups to grow together and unite South Kansas City.”

vickie wolgast debbie vannoy

Wolgast supporting Restauranteur of the Year winner, Debbie Van Noy, owner of Jess & Jim’s Steakhouse

The SKCC is a trusted advocate for Martin City business and frequently hosts events in the District. Several Martin City business leaders have also participated in the South KC Chamber Leadership program, a year-long series of planned events designed to educate and motivate potential leaders for volunteer positions in South Kansas City and the greater Kansas City community at large.

Stella Crewse, President of Morgan Miller Plumbing and chair of the SKCC board says the partnership is a win-win for everyone.

“One of the biggest advantages of the MCCID hiring the SKCC is the existing relationships we have with each other,” said Crewse. “Vickie is well-connected to business owners, community leaders, and city officials, and she is passionate about helping all businesses in South Kansas City succeed.”

Wolgast and Stella Crewse attending an event at Grade-A Tree Care in Martin City

Wolgast and Stella Crewse attending an event at Grade-A Tree Care in Martin City

Wolgast says she knows there’s a renaissance happening in Martin City and is excited to keep the momentum going.

“Martin City has become a South Kansas City hot spot for both retail and commercial businesses, which means more companies are considering a location here,” Wolgast said. “Over the next few years, we expect mixed-use housing developments, engineering and technology companies, manufacturing and logistics services, business services, and a mix of old and new retail establishments will have more interest in this area and completely redefine what Martin City has to offer.”

Wolgast plans to meet with each Martin City CID business to find out what they like, don’t like, and ideas they may have for our growing district. With the 135th Street Public Improvement project finishing up, we need to collectively begin working on Martin City’s next evolution and this new partnership with the South KC Chamber is a great first step!

We are fortunate in Martin City, to have a business community that works well together, and we are even more fortunate to have the leadership of our South KC Chamber of Commerce supporting our district! Please join us in warmly welcoming Vickie Wolgast as our new District Manager!

If you have questions or comments about the Martin City CID, please call (816) 308-1023 or email

For more information about the South Kansas City Chamber, please visit the SKCC website.