At Suburban Lawn and Garden‘s superstore in Martin City, there are isles and isles of fresh greenery, trees, flowers, and more. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, their experienced staff can help you select the best plants for your garden.They also provide commercial and residential lawn and landscape maintenance services, mowing, seeding, fertilizing, weed and pest control, and more!

Suburban’s Martin City location includes a growing facility that supplies three of their other locations across Kansas City! Their corporate offices are also located in Martin City on Wyandotte Street across the street from the Cable Dahmer Collision Center.

We’re lucky to have Suburban Lawn and Garden’s Yard Waste & Recycling Center in Martin City too! They’re located at 139th and Wyandotte Street and the facility is open to residential and commercial customers 5 days a week during the winter months.

To learn more about Suburban Lawn & Garden, please visit their website.

Address: 4 West 135th Street, KC, MO 64145
Phone: 816-942-2921