September 29, 2021

Haley Strobel is the Gym Director at Eagles Gymnastics, a pioneering business in Martin City that’s served thousands of families since opening in 1983. Strobel’s wide-ranging responsibilities include recreational program development, facility management and staff recruitment.

“I know Eagles Gymnastics inside and out,” says Strobel with a distinct sense of pride in the expansive facility just off 135th Street at Wyandotte. “I took my first steps in the gym as a student and now I’m a key member of the management team. I love everything about what we do here.”

A family business. Strobel is a niece of Kim Fuchs, Eagles Gymnastics founder and owner.

Strobel learned gymnastics and dance as a child and started coaching at the age of 15. Outside of a short venture in the corporate world, she’s been working at Eagles Gymnastics for 12 years and is a true believer in the unique way the business impacts young lives.

“I really understand the experience at Eagles Gymnastics from both the student and coaching perspective and I think that allows me to excel,” says Strobel. “Our work here is very life affirming and I know we make a meaningful difference. Eagles Gymnastics offers solid technical gymnastics education that really empowers and encourages kids in an uplifting way. Our goal is to make sure kids leave here every day feeling good, healthy, and positive.”

Eagles Gymnastics

When you love what you do, you dive in deep. That’s why little by little, Strobel’s job description continues to grow as she becomes a driving force behind the business’ success. She’s earned a reputation for being a master communicator, a natural organizer, and when it comes to creativity, she’s a child’s dream come true.

“Working with the kids is the best part of my job and I love summer camp the most. It’s my favorite time of the year because I’m with the kids all day long and I enjoy coming up with new ways to engage and entertain them. They show up here so excited and sharing that joy is wonderful.”

Strobel’s creativity is baked into every summer camp detail, all the way down to hotdogs — made of cake!

After working at Eagles Gymnastics for so long, Strobel has come to know Martin City pretty well. She loves the diversity of businesses and the special ways our community sets itself apart. If you’re looking for work, she highly recommends browsing our neighborhood.

“Oh there are so many benefits to working in Martin City. Everyone knows the food is great and there are plenty of options all around you. You can walk over and get coffee or grab a beer after work. Everything is convenient and just feels like a home town. Plus, the neighborhood is so charming. Martin City is creating an aesthetic that’s cute and authentic. Have you seen those new murals on the Coast to Coast Pub and Sidelines Custom Floral?”

Sidelines Custom Floral in Martin City

Coast to Coast Pub in Martin City

A great community workforce starts with people having a great place to work and we’re fortunate to have Eagles Gymnastics in Martin City. Please visit their website to learn more about them!

Eagles Gymnastics, Martin City

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