Business surveillance cameras often unknowingly capture evidence about unsolved crimes in Kansas City. Unfortunately, the footage goes unnoticed because the owner or security staff wasn’t aware of the crime.

When you register your cameras in KCPD’s Watch KC database, you help detectives solve more crimes. Registering does NOT give anyone at KCPD permission to tap into your cameras or view your footage without your knowledge and consent.

Registering your cameras only adds them to a mapping database that detectives use to find which camera (if any) is closest to the location they are investigating.

If a crime occurs near your business (or even a suspect vehicle drives by), detectives will search the Watch KC database to find contact information for the business with the closest camera. If it’s you, they will call and ask you to review your footage to see if anything useful was captured. If it was, KCPD will arrange to obtain a copy of the footage at a time that’s convenient for you.

Participation in Watch KC is 100% voluntary and you can opt-out at any time.