Mac-N-Seitz Joins Forces with Midwest BlackSox

Mac-N-Seitz Joins Forces with Midwest BlackSox

Mac-N-Seitz in Martin City recently celebrated their 20th anniversary as one of the premiere programs for youth baseball and softball players in Kansas City… and they are about to become even more powerful.

Co-owners Mike Macfarlane and Kevin Seitzer recently partnered with the Midwest BlackSox Baseball Club, a youth baseball organization started in 2012 with the goal of helping local youth prepare for the athletic, academic, and social challenges of playing college baseball.

“Everyone we talked to had great things to say about the BlackSox, and we discovered we are like-minded with a heart for helping kids,” said Seitzer. “We complement each other well, and we decided it was a perfect opportunity to combine our forces.”

For the time being, the two clubs will share the Mac-N-Seitz’ facility in Martin City and operate as two separate entities. Seitzer believes it’s a win-win for everyone. For example, besides year-round training, the BlackSox also offer academic support and social activities to prepare athletes for college and beyond. The club also created an efficient tryout process that Seitzer hopes will also benefit Mac-N-Seitz’ athletes.


“Kids do so many tryouts for different organizations, but we were impressed with the tryout system the BlackSox developed,” said Seitzer. “Things get busy in the winter leading into the spring season and this partnership will open up opportunities for even more athletes to get instruction and develop.”

In 2004, Mac-N-Seitz moved from Lenexa to their current location in Martin City. The 47,000 square foot facility features a full-size infield with professional field turf, hitting cages, pitching mounds, and a running track.

“We have the greatest facility you could ask for in the Midwest,” said Seitzer. “Our location is easy to get to from anywhere in Kansas City, and we feel lucky to be here.”


Another exciting announcement is that Mac-N-Seitz will start hosting birthday parties for kids! You will be able to rent out parts of the facility where kids can play games and enjoy the fun features they provide. Stay tuned to their website for more information in the coming months.

We are proud to have Mac-N-Seitz in our community, as they are a part of our fantastic growing sports community alongside Volleyball Beach and the Martin City Golf Academy.

“It’s been awesome to see how Martin City has grown since we moved here 12 years ago,” said Seitzer. “The entire community has joined arms to make this place flourish, and it’s benefitted everyone.”


As for the next 20 years, Seitzer said they hope to continue their contributions to local athletes as they pursue their dreams.

“When Mac and I retired from playing, we wanted to give back and help the youth of Kansas City,” said Seitzer. “It’s exciting to see kids improve, which is rewarding for everyone here.”

Mac-N-Seitz is located at 13705 Holmes Rd, Martin City, MO 64145. Visit their website to learn more information!