School Starts August 11th In Martin City!

School Starts August 11th In Martin City!

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over! Martin City K-8 Grade School students report for their first full day of school on Thursday, August 11th and we are excited to announce, there have been many positive changes to the school, starting with their website! Over the summer, the Grandview School District constructed a new district website with special sections for each school in the district. The District’s new redesigned website ( will be an important tool for parents to connect with their child’s school.

Key features include:

  • Easy public access from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop
  • Superintendent’s Blog under ‘About Us’ is updated monthly and serves as an ongoing communication tool from our Superintendent to the community.
  • Board of Education section will keep parents up-to-date on important decisions made by our school board through ‘Board Briefs.’ Parents can easily ‘subscribe’ to the briefs and be notified of updates.
  • School calendar featuring district and school-specific events. Individuals will easily be able to ‘subscribe’ to any school or the district’s calendar and have it added to their personal calendar.
  • Bus routes and more can be accessed via the Transportation section;
  • The website features a scrolling marquee to notify the public of district/school notices or emergencies.
  • Contact Us with questions or give feedback by using a simple form.
  • Parents can find their child’s school on the District website under the ‘Our School’ tab at the top of the home page.

Martin City School website

The Martin City K-8 School improvements also include redesigned bus drive lanes, larger sidewalks along the front of the building, and an improved parking lot for visitors. Immediately in front of the building, the horseshoe-shaped front driveway has been redesigned for better traffic flow during peak pick up and drop off times.  The bell and flag pole have also been relocated within the new design. All drivers are asked to proceed with caution during the first few weeks of school as everyone learns the new drive pattern in front of the building!

Martin City School sidewalks

August Back to school activities include:

  • Kindergarten Round-up Time on Tuesday, August 9th
  • 6th Grade students’ “Orientation Dayon Wednesday, August 10th
  • First Day of School on Thursday, August 11th
  • Middle School Curriculum Night, Thursday, August 18th
  • Middle School Picture Day, Wednesday, August 24th
  • Elementary School Curriculum Night, Thursday, August 25th and
  • Elementary School Picture Day, Friday, August 26th.

More details about the Martin City K-8 school, please visit the Grandview School District’s website.